10 Movies Based on Books to Watch with Your Kids

10 Movies

Nothing is better to relax than movie night with the family. It is a traditional holiday must have. But even watching movies can be a little nerdy. Here are 10 movies that are based on books! (And I didn’t include sequels but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good)


  1. Hobbit: Tolkein, do I really need to say more? Seriously, it was a well done adaption that will cause a lot of good conversations about what is true to the book and what isn’t. 
  2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: This is also just a classic. C.S. Lewis told a great tale that is so much more than a story! 
  3. Emma: Now the Gweneth Paltrow version may be well known but I highly recommend the Romola Garai/ BBC version. It is truer to the book and all the characters have more depth. It is longer but all Austen movies are better longer;). Nerdpie delighted when it explained why Emma’s father was so protective. 
  4. Much Ado About Nothing: I absolutely love every version of this play I have seen be it Whedon’s, Branagh’s, or Tennant/Tate. But my absolute favorite is the Tennant/Tate version. It is the funniest and most family friendly version too.  All 4 of my kids loved it! 
  5. Wizard of Oz: People often forget that the Wizard of Oz was a book and it was part of a large series. The movie is a classic and a must see for every book and movie lover. 
  6. Harry Potter Series: The movies were great, the books were great. What more can be said? Except it is a wonderful voyage to take with your kids and is part of a cultural phenomenon. 
  7. Heidi: This is truly a heart warming tale. I remember reading the book and crying as a kid. But the movie seemed hopeful and a little happier. It was a great tale that shows relationships and family in its own form. It may seem cheesy to think about but it really was good!
  8. Ella Enchanted: I don’t remember people talking about this being a book but it is! My kids loved the book but the movie has music and dancing so they love it even more! It is fun and light. The author of the book has also written quite a bit so it might be a great introduction to a whole lot of reading. 
  9. Little Women: Family, life, and defining who you are. Those are big themes of Little Women. This is one of my all time favorite books. The Katherine Hepburn version is my favorite movie version. That may be because Jo is my favorite so I might be biased;). 
  10. Pride and Prejudice: Did you think Jane Austen would only appear once in this list? The Bennet sisters are a lesson to girls on how to be yourself and not get lured by bad guys. Mr. Darcy is a lesson to tween/teen boys on how important communication and being open is! I like many versions but Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy;). 

Those are our favorite book based movies. How about you? What are your favorite family literature based movies?


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