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Fun around the Lego site

Misfortune's Keep(Edited)

Do you like playing with Legos and want more bricktastic action? There is lots of special features, games and videos that I’m going to lay out to you right here right now. This post will tell you my favorite things and why I like them.

1:Watch product videos and mini movies. For almost every product there is a product video. The product animations using the pieces that you get in the sets. Plus it has a descriptions of all the moving pieces. My favorite is set number 70605 Misfortune’s Keep. It has hidden cannons, disc shooters and the pirate jet taking off from the launchpad. It also has four-armed djinn Nadakhan possessing the soul of famed teacher Sensi Wu. 

2:Play different games of different types. There are many games, some I haven’t tried, that go along with the lego stories. My favorite is called Skybound. The evil Djinn Nadakhan is stealing parts of NINJAGO Island to rebuild his realm of Djinjago in the sky. Playing as Jay you must battle him and his gang of SKY PIRATES to rescue Zane, Nya, Lloyd, Cole and Kai to take back the stolen lands and rebuild NINJAGO.

3:Watch short stories on Lego city made by  other kids. On Lego city you can watch Fan Created Videos made by other kids. They make it using the LEGO Movie Maker app. These use Stop Motion Animation to animate the app.

4:Look at the cool sets available. On the Lego site there is information and images for every set. Click on Products, choose an image, look on the top, and click products again. There are so many products to look at. You can also look at Lego sets on Amazon.

I hope this post has filled you in on the fun you can have on I hope you can have as much fun as I always do. 



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10 Movies Based on Books to Watch with Your Kids

10 Movies

Nothing is better to relax than movie night with the family. It is a traditional holiday must have. But even watching movies can be a little nerdy. Here are 10 movies that are based on books! (And I didn’t include sequels but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good)


  1. Hobbit: Tolkein, do I really need to say more? Seriously, it was a well done adaption that will cause a lot of good conversations about what is true to the book and what isn’t. 
  2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: This is also just a classic. C.S. Lewis told a great tale that is so much more than a story! 
  3. Emma: Now the Gweneth Paltrow version may be well known but I highly recommend the Romola Garai/ BBC version. It is truer to the book and all the characters have more depth. It is longer but all Austen movies are better longer;). Nerdpie delighted when it explained why Emma’s father was so protective. 
  4. Much Ado About Nothing: I absolutely love every version of this play I have seen be it Whedon’s, Branagh’s, or Tennant/Tate. But my absolute favorite is the Tennant/Tate version. It is the funniest and most family friendly version too.  All 4 of my kids loved it! 
  5. Wizard of Oz: People often forget that the Wizard of Oz was a book and it was part of a large series. The movie is a classic and a must see for every book and movie lover. 
  6. Harry Potter Series: The movies were great, the books were great. What more can be said? Except it is a wonderful voyage to take with your kids and is part of a cultural phenomenon. 
  7. Heidi: This is truly a heart warming tale. I remember reading the book and crying as a kid. But the movie seemed hopeful and a little happier. It was a great tale that shows relationships and family in its own form. It may seem cheesy to think about but it really was good!
  8. Ella Enchanted: I don’t remember people talking about this being a book but it is! My kids loved the book but the movie has music and dancing so they love it even more! It is fun and light. The author of the book has also written quite a bit so it might be a great introduction to a whole lot of reading. 
  9. Little Women: Family, life, and defining who you are. Those are big themes of Little Women. This is one of my all time favorite books. The Katherine Hepburn version is my favorite movie version. That may be because Jo is my favorite so I might be biased;). 
  10. Pride and Prejudice: Did you think Jane Austen would only appear once in this list? The Bennet sisters are a lesson to girls on how to be yourself and not get lured by bad guys. Mr. Darcy is a lesson to tween/teen boys on how important communication and being open is! I like many versions but Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy;). 

Those are our favorite book based movies. How about you? What are your favorite family literature based movies?


10daysbutton This is part of the 10 Days of Nerdy Fun!!! Make sure you hop over to see what other great post of nerdy fun that will be shared! 

A Look at Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Nerdpie and I were so excited to get a chance to check out the preview of Alice Through the Looking Glass this week! So come take a quick look at what we thoguht!


I came into Alice Through the Looking Glass having seen the first installment, Alice in Wonderland. I enjoyed the first movie quite a bit. The Tim Burton look was really fascinating and I found the story a bit more compelling than usual adaptions. Based on what I knew of Alice Through the Looking Glass, I walked in expecting to be wowed visually, through the acting, and the plot.

I brought my 12 year old with me to the preview this week. She came from an entirely different experience. She hadn’t seen the first installment but she had read both books and loved them. Which means she came in with some specific book nerd expectations (that we can all relate too). I asked her before the movie began what her expectations were based on the commercials. She said that she expected more of a theme in the movie than there was in the book. She knew they were introducing Time as a character and she knew that more characters would recognize Alice. Apparently in the book she just wandered around in the second book, fairly unknown.

So how did is measure up?

We both really liked it! My expectations were totally met. The acting was quirky and great. I don’t know that I can watch anyone else as the Red Queen or the Mad Hatter. Even Tweedles are just perfect in this roles;). The look of the entire movie was also exquisite. The colors, costumes and background match the unique and vibrant story.

I also really loved the plot. It takes us to a world where Alice is older but still a relatively young adult. She is dealing with family, disappointment, the future, and time at the toll it takes on her life. And then she goes to Wonderland.

So what did Nerdpie think? Here is her 2 cents!


I went to see Through the Looking Glass thinking that it would be like the book but it really wasn’t. I think that the only thing that they really kept was the name and the fact that Alice went through a looking glass. I really loved it but it’s not what I expected at all. I think that I would have better understood the begining if I had seen the first movie but I still got most of the content. I loved that they talked more about Alice’s life! In the book all you know about her is that she sat down after tea-time and she is a girl named Alice. But in the movies they talk more about her and who she is, which I really loved.I loved that the most because it had a plot where in the book it is just getting her home and there is nothing else on the plot line. The movie is all inter connected and that is the kind of movie I love!

(Disclosure: We received an opportunity to view the movie for free in order to give our honest thoughts. All thoughts and opinions are ours alone!)

A Mother/Daughter Review of Maleficent


NerdMom’s 2 cents: I really enjoyed Maleficent! Before the movie came out, I was sure the effects in Maleficent were going to be fabulous but I had no faith in the story line. I figured it would be fine but meh. As a true geek, I went to see it for the effects and grandeur the movie was sure to deliver. Well, it delivered all the grandeur and it also delivered a wonderful story. I was very impressed! Maleficent was a fabulous movie! I don’t want to give anything away so it is hard to review it. But be sure, this isn’t just a case of the mean person was right to do what she did. But just as life is, the story is complicated and layered.

As to the intensity of the movie and kids. I was a little concerned after watching the trailers that Maleficent would be a little dark and scary. There are intense moments but overall it wasn’t that scary. My kids have all watched The Avengers and Captain America 2. I will have no problem letting any of my kids watch Maleficent but I am prepared to hold hands at a couple of points;).

Bottom line: I loved this movie! Now for 10 year old’s thoughts;).

From the NerdPie: I think that Maleficent was better then Frozen. Maleficent was all about humans coping with magic using the story of Sleeping Beauty. The graphics were so amazing, it almost seemed like fairies were normal. It’s cool how, unlike other Disney movies, every thing isn’t centered around love.

(Disclosure: I was graciously given press passes to see Maleficent with my daughter. All thoughts and opinions are mine!)

Staycations Around the Country


I hope everyone saw my post on 10 Staycation Outings for here in Fresno. But I do realize that not all of you are not in Fresno (as much as I wish you were;). That is why I participated in a huge round up of staycation adventures from all around the country!!!

Mid Atlantic

NW (or all), Connecticut :: Parenting Miracles
Boston (or all), Massachusetts :: Maven of Savin
Central, New Jersey :: Our Good LIfe
Adirondak Mountains and Central, New York :: For This Season
Buffalo/Niagara Falls, New York :: Ann’s Entitled Life
Syracuse, New York :: I am THAT lady
Erie, Pennsylvania :: Growing Kids Ministry
Greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania :: Family Balance Sheet
Hershey, Pennsylvania :: Good Deal Mama
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :: Beyond the Cover
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania :: The Coupon “High”
Poconos, Pennsylvania :: Bucktown Bargains
Scranton, Pennsylvania :: Bucktown Bargains


Des Moines, Iowa :: Make the best of everything
Aurora, Illinois :: A Savings WOW!
Central, Illinois :: The Homeschool Scientist
Chicago, Illinois :: Chicagoland Homeschool Network
Naperville, Illinois :: The Sensible Mom
Schaumburg, Illinois :: Ravings By Rae
Fort Wayne, Indiana :: Simplified Saving
Indianapolis, Indiana (Metro Area) :: In Good Cents
Muncie, Indiana (Central IN) :: the daisyhead
Northern Indiana :: So Dough Savvy
Kansas City Area :: Kansas City Mamas
Metro Detroit, Michigan :: Saving Dollars and Sense
Grand Rapids, Michigan :: Give Me Neither
Oakland County, Michigan :: Bargain Shopper Mom
Minneapolis, Minnesota :: Creative Couponing
Rural Minnesota (either Southern our Lake Country) ::
St. Cloud, Minnesota :: Frugal Finders
Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas :: Kosher on a Budget
Springfield, Missouri :: Getting Freedom
Cincinnati, Ohio :: Family Friendly Cincinnati
Columbus, Ohio :: Cleverly Simple
Dayton, Ohio :: Savings Lifestyle: Dayton
Mansfield, Ohio :: The Traveling Praters
NE Ohio :: Raising Lifelong Learners
Northeast Ohio (Canton, Akron, Cleveland) :: Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring
Black Hills, South Dakota :: Little House Living
South Dakota :: Moms Mustard Seeds
Oshkosh, Wisconsin :: Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom


Phoenix, Arizona :: Mom Endeavors
Scottsdale, Arizona :: Saving For Someday
Tucson, Arizona :: Desert Chica Ramblings
Colorado Springs, Colorado :: The Greenbacks Gal
Denver, Colorado :: Bargain Blessings
Helena, Montana :: The WiC Project
Omaha, Nebraska :: Mom Endeavors
Reno, Nevada – Lake Tahoe (Northern Nevada) :: Saving in Nevada


Fresno, California (Central Valley) :: NerdFamily Blog
Los Angeles, California ::
San Diego, California :: Good Cheap Eats
San Diego, California :: Life as MOM
Portland, Oregon :: Frugal Living NW
Seattle, Washington :: Thrifty NW Mom

South Atlantic

Arkansas :: Discovering Arkansas
Washington, DC :: Kidventurous
Clearwater Beach, Florida :: Bargain Briana
Jacksonville, Florida :: Saving The Family Money
Southwest Florida (Ft. Myers area) :: Chaos Is Bliss
St. Augustine, Florida :: Simply St. Augustine
Tallahassee, Florida :: SwagGrabber
Atlanta, Georgia (metro area) :: Hodgepodge
Atlanta, Georgia (metro area) :: The Couponing Couple
Annapolis, Maryland :: The Happy Housewife
Hagerstown, Maryland :: Cheryl Pitt
Asheville, North Carolina :: Paradise Praises
Charlotte, North Carolina :: from our front porch lookin’ in…
Raleigh/Southeastern, North Carolina :: Upside Down Homeschooling
Upstate South Carolina :: The Tween & Me
Charlottesville, Virginia :: How to Have it All
Richmond, Virginia :: Teachers of Good Things
Smithfield, Virginia :: Walking in High Cotton
Virginia Beach, Virginia :: The Coupon Challenge

South Central

Coastal Alabama :: Meet Penny
Huntsville, Alabama :: The Traveling Praters
Northern Kentucky :: Simply Sherryl
Chattanooga, Tennessee :: Living Chic on the Cheap
East Tennessee (Smoky Mountains, Knoxville) :: Finding Joy on the Journey
Nashville, Tennessee :: Montessori Tidbits
Arlington, Texas :: Grocery Shop For FREE
Austin, Texas (Hill Country) :: Ponder the Path
College Station, Texas :: How to Homeschool My Child
Dallas, Texas :: Surviving The Stores
East Dallas, Texas :: Funky Faith Girl
Fort Worth, Texas :: Coupons & Freebies Mom
Houston, Texas :: MomsToolbox
Houston, Texas :: MyLitter
Katy, Texas :: Moms Confession
McAllen, Texas (Rio Grande Valley) :: iLoveMy5Kids
San Antonio, Texas :: Melissa’s Bargains

New Plumb Album Giveaway!!!

NEED YOU NOW on iTunes

Once of my favorite artists, Plumb, has a new album that has just come out this week! I have loved Plumb and her music since the beginning! She was the first Christian artist I heard who actually put voice to the fact there are emotional struggles and I had struggles.

Her new album is called Need You Now has that same emotional vulnerability along with beautiful music. I had fallen in love with Drifting when it was released last year so of course that is one of my favorites on this album. The song Unlovable really spoke to me, not only due to my own life but also those I see who the church body attempts to ignore.  But not every song is deeply moving or emotional. I love Chocolate and Ice Cream too;). It is sweet and just adorable.

I could go on for a while. But before I get to the giveaway, let me urge you to go pick up a copy of Need You Now!!

So onto the giveaway. The blog tour is giving away 2 iPad Mini’s!!! You enter that giveaway with the Rafflecopter widget. Also 2 of my readers will win a cd copy of Need You Now!!! Those winners will be chosen from the comments on this blog post when the iPad Mini giveaway closes on 3/4/2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So get to entering and enjoying!!!

Gamesville Reel Cash Critters

Ok, I admit it. My name is Jacqueline and I have a internet game problem. The problem is that I love them and if I am not careful I only play them instead of doing everything else;). So as to further my addiction I was introduced to Gamesville;).

Gamesville has a ton of fun games that don’t inherently take a ton of time. Your desire to sit there and play all day is a while separate issue;). But there is a free membership and a gold membership option. The Gold membership means no more ads!!! And you get/buy GV tokens to play with and win. (If you sign up through the links on this post you will get 10,000 to start with!)

One of the games I looked at was Reel Cash Critters. It a fun slots game with some twists. To start with you can actually win real, cash money in addition to GV’s! Like a normal slots game you choose your bet and of course the higher the bet the higher the payout. But you also choose how many rows to play. You can choose diagonals, v-shape, etc. And that definitely adds another dimension. Something else I like is that you can choose awesome and normal modes. The awesome mode just has brighter colors and it is nice to be able to turn that off if you are on a laptop battery instead of wall power.

There are a ton of other games on Gamesville too! I am a huge Big Money fan! There are all kinds of poker games, solitaire and so much more. There are also a bunch of cool puzzle games that I wasn’t familiar with too!

I will be spending many, many hours in the future on Gamesville;).

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Gamesville Gold Membership and compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign.