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Tech Organization Helps

Tech Organization Helps

It is almost a new school year and most of us are trying to be more organized this year. So to further that effort, let’s talk organization and tools provided free on websites!

My biggest free tool is Google Calendar! It is free with any Google account, even ones that are through another domain. You can set up multiple calendars with multiple colors. I have a calendar that is my appointments, NerdDad’s appointments, and another with blog deadlines. You also can share calendars. My homeschool group has a calendar that I can overlay to look at. My husband can access my calendar to see what the family plans are and add to it.

Google Keep is a great list tool! Just like with the Google Calendar, you can share a list with people so everyone can add to the grocery list. I use the Google voice input to add rough drafts of articles or outlines for articles. I even keep lists of household facts like the measurements of cabinets and shelves. Then I know if something would fit when I am shopping. 

For those of you who want things a little more concrete, like paper, I have resources for you on that front too! I keep my calendar online but I do keep a binder with other organizational tools.

Donna Young is a great source! In addition to various sizes of traditional calendars, there are tons of housework forms, grocery lists and more. Donna Young also has a ton of homeschool printables too.

Organized Home also has a ton printables to go into a household notebook. They have seasonal chore lists, freezer inventory sheets and tons more.

Chart Jungle is another great source but they have a lot more ads. You just need to scroll down a bit. They also have a ton of great printables. They have planting charts under gardening, budget sheets under money and tons more!

So there are just a few sites that will help you to have a more organized year!!!

Free Homemade Gift Ebook

The Happy Housewife (better known as Toni;) has compiled a great ebook with 60 Homemade Christmas Gifts that is free right now!

These are great gifts from a variety of bloggers. They don’t even look homemade (always my struggle;).

I think I might make the cake plate or the etched vase or the tea cup candles….

Go grab it while it is free and you have time to make a few gifts;).

(And yes, there are affiliate links;)

Swagbucks Goes Mobile

Search & WinStarting today Swagbucks is mobile! You can download the app on either Android or iOs, This enables you to earn points by searching and doing the daily polls no matter where you are.

Are you new to Swagbucks? Well, make sure you head over right now and sign up. Use code SBONTHEGO when you sign up to get an extra 60 Swagbucks when you sign up. You have to hurry though because the code is only valid until Monday June 30, 2012 at 11:59pm.

What is Swagbucks? It is an easy way to earn points that you can turn into prizes and gift cards (I personally always go for the Amazon gift cards;). You can set Swagbucks as your search engine and you randomly get awarded Swagbucks just for looking for things on the Internet! Can it get easier;)?

You also can earn Swagbucks by completing polls and doing various things like watching videos! Go, join, now!!

Brave Fun

Brave is coming soon! As a matter of fact on June 22nd! In preparation for Brave coming out there are some awesome activity sheets that kids will love. I may even take a couple for my daughter to do while she waits for the movie to start.

There are also some great recipes too!!!

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow (May 5th)!!!

But what is Free Comic Book Day, you might ask. It is a day where you and your kids head down to your local comic book store and get a free comic book! Once you find the participating stores in your area it really is that simple. Free Comic Book Day is not just designed to get kids into comic books but to overall encourage reading in children.

We always hit Heroes here in Fresno. And while there is a line it moves super quick. And as you see, they bring out the characters;). The kids love that! They interact with the Star Wars guys every year.

The list of the “available” comics is posted ahead of time. I use quotes because sometimes they are out of one by the time you get there or didn’t get one of them. So I recommend you peruse the list and come up with a top 3 for every person. And person gets a comic, including the adults. They had some preview and special edition copies of some comics we were interested in last year.

We always have a ball and highly recommend you go! Let me know what decide you want to get!

Free Summer Reading for Mom

My friend Jaime recommended that I check out a book called Bicoastal Babe by Cynthia Langston for an easy and fun read. I hadn’t gotten a chance to pick it up yet when I found out….

It is going to be free for Kindle Thursday (5/3) and Friday (5/4)!!! Just pop over and put it on your Kindle or any Kindle reader app you use.

Here is the description from Amazon:

Not exactly what you’d call a goddess of cutting-edge culture, Lindsey Miller is shocked when she’s offered the über-hip job of writing for The Pulse, a newsletter that tracks white-hot trends in everything from fashion to cosmetics to entertainment. Before long, Lindsey finds herself on a whirlwind bicoastal romp as she jet-sets between New York and Los Angeles, fumbling to uncover what’s cool today, and what will be the next big thing tomorrow.

The grit and glamour of Manhattan are electrifying – and so is Victor Ragsdale, the slick Wall Street broker who charms Lindsey with his street-smart savvy. But the warmth and sunshine of L.A. are bliss – and so is Danny Wynn, the dreamy blond surfer who sweeps her into his strong, suntanned arms.

Lindsey’s two lives are both so exciting – and both so different. But disaster strikes when her evil trend-spotting partner begins to expose Lindsey for what she really is: tragically unhip and only one dirty martini away from being found out and fired.

Sounds cute! I personally can relate to feeling like I can figure out what is cool for the rest of the world but not myself;). Apparently Katherine Heigl loves it. So much she is developing/producing a show for the CW called Trending that is based on the book.

So grab a copy of the book and give it a read! In the near future I will be giving you my thoughts on it!!!