Free Comic Book Day 2012

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow (May 5th)!!!

But what is Free Comic Book Day, you might ask. It is a day where you and your kids head down to your local comic book store and get a free comic book! Once you find the participating stores in your area it really is that simple. Free Comic Book Day is not just designed to get kids into comic books but to overall encourage reading in children.

We always hit Heroes here in Fresno. And while there is a line it moves super quick. And as you see, they bring out the characters;). The kids love that! They interact with the Star Wars guys every year.

The list of the “available” comics is posted ahead of time. I use quotes because sometimes they are out of one by the time you get there or didn’t get one of them. So I recommend you peruse the list and come up with a top 3 for every person. And person gets a comic, including the adults. They had some preview and special edition copies of some comics we were interested in last year.

We always have a ball and highly recommend you go! Let me know what decide you want to get!

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