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Free Comic Book Day is Coming!!!

Previous year’s haul!

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday!!!! Yup, you heard me. The words free and comic books together!!! Free Comic Book Day is an event that happens every where on the first Saturday of May. The comic book industry provides a variety of comic titles to giveaway in order to not only encourage comic book reading but reading over all.

10comicbkdaycharacterSo how does it work? Just look online for a local comic book shop that is participating (we usually go to Heroes here in Fresno) and show up on Saturday. You may have to wait in a bit of a line, depending on your location, but it always goes much faster than you would think. Heroes (in Fresno) often has great costumed characters that interact with the kids.

Then when you get into the store you get to pick out at least 1 comic book (sometimes more). And that is it. You can of course look around and shop. Many comic book stores run some great sales on Free Comic Book Day but you are under no obligation to buy.

I do have one recommendation if you have youngish kids. Check out what is being offered ahead of time (they list them all) and have in mind what you would like. But don’t tell the kids until you get there because, depending on the crowds, they may not have your first choices.

I also recommend you wear something geeky but that is just for fun;). I mean, how often do you get to wear a super hero cape shopping;)?

Coupons, Get Your Printable Coupons!

$1.25 off ONE (1) KRAFT JET-PUFFED MarshmallowsJust imagine I read that title to you in a Newsboy voice. It is much cuter then;).You all know I love coupons and here are some you should grab before the month is up!!! (And yes, these are affiliate links. When you print these coupons you not only save money but help support this site!!!)


Personal Care

In the Home

Black Friday Shopping Strategies

Above all things: Be reasonable!!!! If there are 500 people in line for 3 items, don’t have your heart set on those things!!! In seriousness, like all other things you just need as smart strategy.

1. Do your research! You can already start reviewing Black Friday ads online (I will have links to ads on my blog) and can pour over them on Thanksgiving! Also see what is available online. Some stores don’t do any of the big deals online (like Old Navy) but some (like Best Buy) have a lot online.

2. Make a list of everything you would want that is on sale. Organize it by store and make sure you write down the price.

3. Organize your list by priority and or time frames. A big Black Friday thing that Michaels does every year is a %off coupon for your whole purchase if you are in the store by a set time (this year it is 30%). So while I don’t have a high ticket item from Michaels, I do a a few things and need to be in the store before that time!!!

4. Order what you can online!!! Some things you can order on Thursday and somethings you can order before you go out on Friday.

5. Figure out a relatively reasonable time that you should get started. For example, I usually head out about 6am. It is early enough that I can hit all the deals that are bound by times but just late enough to miss the real die hards/crazies;).

6. Buy everything you might possibly want. The example I always use is jeans. Target and Walmart both usually do a kids’ jean under $10 every year. Walmart may be cheaper but I hit Target first. I will buy 2 sizes for each kid at both stores. I would love to think that the cheaper pairs would work but you never know about cut and each brand sizes different. You can always return the extras next week!!!

7. Have fun & plan breaks! After my first store I always hit Starbucks. Then I meet a friend for lunch every year. She and I don’t shop together but we set a time and meet up. You would be surprised just how empty restaurants are at lunch time.

7. Process everything next week! Get it done and get it out of the way. Wrap the presents, set out the decorations and wash the clothes!

Final note, think about a job your family can do while you are shopping! My husband sets up our fake tree and gets out the Christmas decor boxes. Then I decorate with everyone over the weekend;).

Office Max Deals

48154_It's like getting one for $.01 after MaxPerks Bonus Rewards on classroom must-haves

I know that I am a little late in posting about the awesome deals that OfficeMax has this week but life has been a little busy;). But OfficeMax has a ton of items that are only 1 cent after the MaxRewards!

There is an incentive for ordering online this week! One of the free after MaxPerks deal is a 3 hole punch! But it is only available online.

So order online! If your purchase is $50 you get free delivery but that $50 is before the MaxPerks so if you take advantage of all the free and 1 cent deals you will get free delivery and pay almost nothing!!!

Go, shop! Before the deals are gone!

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading

It is time for the Barnes and Noble summer Program again! Kids just need to either pick up a passport or print it off the website. Then they read 8 books, record the information and have a parent sign off. Then the kids take the completed passport into any Barnes and Noble store, turn it in and pick out a free book!

The program goes first grade through sixth grade. And remember, you don’t have to buy the 8 books in order to qualify. They can be from your personal collection or the library so this is a free activity! But you do have to a brick and mortar store. There is no way to do this through the website.

Barnes and Noble also has a weekly story time that goes year round. In Fresno it is Saturday morning. They are aimed at lower elementary and are topical to the month.

Go read, get free books!!!

Free Building and Crafting Workshops

Home Depot has a monthly building clinic on the first Saturday of the month from 9am-12pm. It is completely free. The kids get to use Home Depot’s tools to build a project. In addition to the project the children also receive an apron, a commemorative pen and a certificate of achievement. It doesn’t look like you need to register for it.
Lowes has building clinics a couple of weekends a month. On the weekends there are clinics you have your choice of Saturday at 10 am or Sunday at 2pm the weekends they are doing them. They get an apron, goggles, a patch, and this month they are building wooden projects on the weekends of 6/9 and 6/23. Must register online

Michaels has a variety of craft events. Some are adult only and some are for children. Also some are totally free and some require the purchase of 1 of the supplies. For example they have decorated mugs where you purchase the mug and sometimes it is just free. They are also offering paid craft classes like Wilton cake decorating for 8-12 year olds for $15. The schedule is up for June but the next month isn’t always posted until the month has began.

These are year round deals but are especially great for summer fun!!!

Free Summer Bowling, Mostly

AMF is once again doing their free bowling program for kids! You register each one of your kids on the site and then AMF will email you weekly vouchers for 2 free games a child. And you will receive these emails every week until September 3rd so if you can’t do it one week don’t worry!

So why did I say mostly? You still have to rent shoes each time you go. In my area it runs about $4.50 so while the games are free each kid will still need shoes. Unless you happen to have your own;)?

But it is still a great deal for a physical activity to do through the summer in an air conditioned environment!

$1 Summer Movies

Regal always has a great summer program for the kids and this year is no different! This year it is $1 PG and G movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A portion of the $1 will go to the Will Rogers Institute. Just put in either your zip code or your state to see a list of dates/theaters/movies.

I personally, am a big fan of the $1 charge instead of it just being free. This actually helps to keep it a little more orderly because people have to be just a little more serious. It cuts down on the kids running through the theater;).

This year there are some great movies! The movies are not just for little kids this year! What are you taking your kids to see?

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow (May 5th)!!!

But what is Free Comic Book Day, you might ask. It is a day where you and your kids head down to your local comic book store and get a free comic book! Once you find the participating stores in your area it really is that simple. Free Comic Book Day is not just designed to get kids into comic books but to overall encourage reading in children.

We always hit Heroes here in Fresno. And while there is a line it moves super quick. And as you see, they bring out the characters;). The kids love that! They interact with the Star Wars guys every year.

The list of the “available” comics is posted ahead of time. I use quotes because sometimes they are out of one by the time you get there or didn’t get one of them. So I recommend you peruse the list and come up with a top 3 for every person. And person gets a comic, including the adults. They had some preview and special edition copies of some comics we were interested in last year.

We always have a ball and highly recommend you go! Let me know what decide you want to get!