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Savings.Com Gift Guide!!!


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Are you looking for an epic gift guide? Look no further!!! Savings.Com have put together a 20 store gift guide. They had a variety of bloggers put together their favorite products in a variety of categories for this holiday season. There are a variety of price points for each store so no matter what you are looking for or what price point, you will find great things. They have tech stores, men’s clothes, cosmetics, and women’s clothing!

And I was one of those bloggers!!! I put together a great gift guide for Lane Bryant. There are a bunch of different items so you will be able to find the perfect gift for the plus woman in your life. Check it out;). 



Lane Bryant Gift Guide

Good holiday shopping!!!

HP Black Friday Deals Online Now!

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There are some more awesome Black Friday deals. What can be cooler than tech on Black Friday. So lets check out a couple of the deals. 

hpmonitor Monitors are always a good deal on Black Friday and HP is not failing us! Their ER line of monitors are all on sale, starting at $119 for a 22 inch.



I am a super fan of portable speakers! I use them in my kitchen, bathroom, and outside all the time! So I am always looking for great wireless speaker deals for me and as gifts. HP has their Roar Mini Speakers 20% off.  They have them in some great colors. 


The last item I want to mention is a bit of a splurge. It is the HP Sprocket Photo Printer. This is an instant photo printer that you can pop in a bag. This would be great to take to a party, use in a scrapbook, or any event! It is on sale for $129.

There are a lot more deals for so I will leave you with the ad!!! Happy Shopping!

Sears Black Friday Deals Online Now

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It is Black Friday time!!! And has some great deals that are already available!

Here are 3 I think are pretty good and available now!


First up is the Craftsman 19 inch Classic Toolbox with Removable Tray for only $9.99! This is great for anyone who is just starting out! It is also great if you want to pair it with some of the small tool kits that are on sale right now.  



Are you ready for some fun? Then pick up this 54 inch Brentwood Foosball Table for $129.99. We are huge fans of foosball in the NerdFamily. I remember when NerdFamilyDad and I used to play when we were dating! This would be so fun to have!
searsplush Last up is a bargain of a blanket! It is the Cannon Velvet Plush Throw for only $5.99. It is 70″by 50″ and would be perfect for a winter night of watching movies on the couch. My kids all love having these type of blankets during the winter and they make great gifts.


There are so many things for sale at that are available now and I can’t tell you about them all. So here is the ad so you can see for yourself. Happy Shopping!

Saving Money with Groupon Coupons


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I love Groupon. You know Groupon, right? It is the place to go for discounts on great experiences, meals, and beauty treatments. You get gift certificates for all those things at a discount because they are selling so many. But did you know that Groupon has coupons too? I didn’t until recently.  

I didn’t realize that Groupon has a ton of coupons for all kinds of retailers and shops. It is a super easy section of the site to use. You can browse through coupons of course. But I don’t usually have a lot of time for that so I use the alphabet index! It is basic, choose the letter of the store and then find it in the list. With the coupons you will see if it was used today and if anyone had a problem with it. 

One of the first shops that I had to find coupons for was the Naturalizer site.  Of course, shoes are where I look first;). Before sitting down to do this piece I went over to research what they had available for the Naturalizer site right now (I have used some of them in the past too). They had 23 different coupons and discount offers. Including a 25% off  site wide coupon, I really do need to go do some shopping after I finish this piece. 

They don’t just have online coupons either. They have printable in-store coupons for me. One of Nerdpie’s favorite stores is Charming Charlie. They have plenty of on-line coupons for Charming Charlie, don’t get me wrong. But Nerdpie and I love to hit the clearance rack at our local Charming Charlie. So we always check to see if there is a printable coupon to take in and there usually is! 

So if you haven’t found all the coupons at Groupon, what are you still doing here? If you know all about them, what is your best coupon you have found?


Skylander Saturday!!!

New Character: Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz

This Saturday (1/9) is Skylanders Day over at GameStop! There are running some fabulous deals that are only good on Saturday.

– Super Charger Starter Packs: These are on sale for $39.99 for all the game systems! You can also pick up the Dark Edition for $59.99 and the 3DS version for $29.99.

-With every Super Chargers Starter Pack you get a free Starter Pack from a previous Skylanders system!

-Buy One Get One Free for any new Skylander character and vehicle!

-50% off Action and Combo Packs

This is a great day to take your favorite Skylanders nut out to GameStop. Or leave them home and do some gift shopping!!! What bit of Skylander’s goodness are you looking forward to picking up?

(I received nothing for this post, just wanted to share;)

Black Friday Walgreens List

Lets look at Walgreens! Remember that you need their Balance Rewards card to get all the deals and you can also use manufacturer’s coupons!

1)$25 Apple/iTunes gift cards ($25) and get a $15 Walgreens gift card (ok, I may use these as gifts but I will probably also use the Walgreens gift card to pay for the rest of my purchases;)
2) Oral B Toothbrush 2 for $6 and you get $4 in Register Rewards
3) Colgate toothpaste $3.49 with $2.50 back in Register Rewards
4) Colgate Toothbrush $2.99 with $2 back in Register Rewards
5) Tums Freshers $4.50 with $4.500 back in Register Rewards
6) Gelusil $3 with $3 back in Register Rewards
7) Cepacol $1 with $1 back in register Rewards
8)Got 2B Shampoo or Conditioner $4.99 with $4.99 back
9) Psst! Dry Shampoo $4.99 with $4.99 back
10) Reach toothbrush $3 with $3 back
11) Blistex $2 with $2 back
12) Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent Buy 1 Get 2 Free
13) Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner $2.99 with $2.99 back in Register Rewards
14) Scunci No Damage Elastics 2 for $3 with $3 back in Register Rewards
15) Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh or Vivid Toothpaste $3 with $3 back in Register Rewards
16) Optic-Free Pure Moist Multipurpose Solution $2 with $2 back in Register Rewards

A Look at Modnique

Modnique Graphic

Recently Splash Creative Media introduced me to a shopping site I wasn’t familiar with called Modnique. This is a flash sale site and I know there seems to be a ton of them out there right now. But Splash Creative has never pointed me in the wrong direction so I decided to check it out (granted with a gift card).

What I found was a great shopping site with a trifecta of awesome! They have super cute things for men and kids but lets be honest. I was really just shopping for me, cause I’m like that.

First sign of awesome: High end name brands at relative steal! I mean brands like Versace, Pierre Cardin, Roberto Cavalli and Kate Spade! They are 50% or more discounted! This means I may actually be able to afford a great high end statement piece!!!

Second sign of awesome: There are more affordable brands also at deep discounts! That includes brands from not only the US but Europe and Israel! They blue flats up in the picture? $19 Breckelle flats that are imported! They have the Mon Platin Dead Sea Minerals from Israel for 86% off! So the body nectar? Only $11!!!

Third sign of awesome: On top of the discounts, Modnique has all kinds of deals on top of that!!! One of the specific sales is a Make an Offer!!! Yeah, seriously you type in an offer on specific dresses! And if that wasn’t enough…
They are doing 20 Days of Deals! These are daily collections of deals ramping up to Christmas. OPI polish collections for $19 and Farragamo scarves for $69! It really can’t be beat. But there is a drown side. They are all limited number sales. So I recommend that you are over at Modnique about 6 pm Pacific because that is when they release they sale items! I totally missed out on the OPI deal because they were gone extremely quickly!

So I have spent a bunch of time looking around at all the many things Modnique has to offer and I know what your big question is… What all did I get? Well, I haven’t firmly decided on everything but… I am getting a great corset for $29, some of that great Mon Platin Dead Sea Minerals cleansing tonic ($10) and body nectar($11), and a great sapphire ring for $10! If I get really decadent I will buy myself something from the diamond sale (or pass the address onto NerdFamily Dad;).

I want to thank Splash Creative for giving me a great gift card and introducing me to a fabulous sale site!!! My husband may not feel quite as grateful;).


How to Negotiate a Discount

Ok, you know those people. Those that always seem to get a slightly better deal, better than advertised and certainly better than the one you got? Those opportunities are out there for you too but you just need some smart strategies to get them! It really boils down to knowing when and how to ask for them!

When to ask in Stores:
1) When the packaging is severely damaged (even if the product is perfect)
2) When the item has a small flaw that doesn’t effect how it works
3) When the item is damaged but fixable (and you are willing to fix it)
4) When you are buying a large amount (smaller, non-chain stores are best for this)
5) When you are buying for a group like a school or church. Then speak with a manager or assistant manager and not just a clerk.

When to ask for services:
1) Before a service is done unless something is done very poorly
2) When planning on having the same service more than once
3) When paying cash for said service
4) When paying on site so you don’t have to be billed

How to ask:
1) First, always ask if there is a standing store discount coupon out that you could get. (Stores like Macy’s, Lane Bryant, etc tend to have coupons behind the cash register you can get)
2) Ask if there is a policy in place for a discount.
3) If there isn’t a policy in place ask to speak with a manager or owner. As my momma always said, don’t ask someone who doesn’t have the power to say yes!
4) If it is due to a defect in packaging or item, point out how they might get stuck with it.
5) If you will be fixing it, point that out!
6) Ask with a smile!
7) Accept the no politely regardless if that means you won’t get it. Next time they might give it to you if you are a sweet person!

Affordable Non-Candy Halloween Handouts

There are some quality, cheap candy options like Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Rolls from the Dollar Store. But really, who needs more candy on Halloween? We get way too much!!! So why not hand out some candy alternatives? You can probably even get it cheaper than quality candy (and I don’t believe in cheap candy;).

1) Pencils and party favors from the Dollar Store. You get 6-12 items per dollar
2) Other dollar bin finds! I found a bag of 35 army men for $1 at Target
3) Odds and ends you have from goody bags, purchased for favors, etc. They are just sitting there, why not free up some space? I have left over Chinese drums, necklaces, and the like.
4) Bargain erasers and highlighters that were picked up for 5 cents each (or less) at back to school sales
5) Bargain favors from party stores! I paid $3.25 for 125 spider rings and $14.50 for 100 favor pack. Those are sale prices. You can get non-holiday themed 100 packs also but those weren’t on sale. They are $20.

I do recommend that if you are buying new stuff that you buy stuff you and your kids like. You can always use them as Easter basket stuffing and Christmas stocking stuffers. Or in birthday party goodie bags or as rewards!

What do you usually hand out for Halloween?


10 Tips for Great Yard Sale Shopping


Last week I talked about having a good yard sale but this week I look at how to do some great yard sale shopping! A little prep and planning can go a long way in helping you to enjoy yard sale shopping while getting some great deals!

I love to get decor and kids clothes at yard sales. What are your favorite things to get at yard sales?

1)Have a variety of small bills.
2)Look on Craig’s list & make a basic plan of where you are going!
3)Hit block sales or multi-family sales first. 1 stop many choices!
4)Make a list complete with measurement and sizes! Know what you need so guide your looking! Need at picture for a room? How big? Table? Kids’ pants? Sizes are essential!
5)Keep plastic bags in your car. It will help you carry things and….
6)Negotiate! Not only can you talk people down on 1 item you can use your plastic bags to strike a deal! Suggest a “bag price” for similar items or any kind of multiple deal.
7)Make sure to check clothes for holes/stains. Be realistic in any mending things will need and if you will really do it.
8)Ask for electronics to be tested with batteries or plugging things in. Don’t take it on faith it will work. If they don’t have batteries and you want it, use that as a negotiating opportunity!
9)Eat breakfast!!! Make sure you also bring snacks and water too!
10)Take a friend! It is more fun and it is great to get another opinion on items.