Affordable Non-Candy Halloween Handouts

There are some quality, cheap candy options like Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Rolls from the Dollar Store. But really, who needs more candy on Halloween? We get way too much!!! So why not hand out some candy alternatives? You can probably even get it cheaper than quality candy (and I don’t believe in cheap candy;).

1) Pencils and party favors from the Dollar Store. You get 6-12 items per dollar
2) Other dollar bin finds! I found a bag of 35 army men for $1 at Target
3) Odds and ends you have from goody bags, purchased for favors, etc. They are just sitting there, why not free up some space? I have left over Chinese drums, necklaces, and the like.
4) Bargain erasers and highlighters that were picked up for 5 cents each (or less) at back to school sales
5) Bargain favors from party stores! I paid $3.25 for 125 spider rings and $14.50 for 100 favor pack. Those are sale prices. You can get non-holiday themed 100 packs also but those weren’t on sale. They are $20.

I do recommend that if you are buying new stuff that you buy stuff you and your kids like. You can always use them as Easter basket stuffing and Christmas stocking stuffers. Or in birthday party goodie bags or as rewards!

What do you usually hand out for Halloween?


4 thoughts on “Affordable Non-Candy Halloween Handouts”

  1. Great ideas!! It doesn’t have to be about the candy. Our neighborhood really doesn’t get many trick or treaters any more. And being an empty nester, we don’t have much reason to celebrate. We are going on a grown-up date instead.

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