10 Tips for Great Yard Sale Shopping


Last week I talked about having a good yard sale but this week I look at how to do some great yard sale shopping! A little prep and planning can go a long way in helping you to enjoy yard sale shopping while getting some great deals!

I love to get decor and kids clothes at yard sales. What are your favorite things to get at yard sales?

1)Have a variety of small bills.
2)Look on Craig’s list & make a basic plan of where you are going!
3)Hit block sales or multi-family sales first. 1 stop many choices!
4)Make a list complete with measurement and sizes! Know what you need so guide your looking! Need at picture for a room? How big? Table? Kids’ pants? Sizes are essential!
5)Keep plastic bags in your car. It will help you carry things and….
6)Negotiate! Not only can you talk people down on 1 item you can use your plastic bags to strike a deal! Suggest a “bag price” for similar items or any kind of multiple deal.
7)Make sure to check clothes for holes/stains. Be realistic in any mending things will need and if you will really do it.
8)Ask for electronics to be tested with batteries or plugging things in. Don’t take it on faith it will work. If they don’t have batteries and you want it, use that as a negotiating opportunity!
9)Eat breakfast!!! Make sure you also bring snacks and water too!
10)Take a friend! It is more fun and it is great to get another opinion on items.

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