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Minecraft Monday- Secrets of the Woodland Mansion

Hi Minecraft Monday readers! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m back! I’ve been really busy, but I’ve found time in my schedule to write a post that I think you’ll really enjoy. I think that this topic is something that most Minecraft blogs don’t address. That’s right, I’ve finally managed to find a Woodland Mansion.

Ok, so you might want to know some simple facts about the Woodland Mansion to start you off. First of all, you might think that it’s fairly easy to find. WRONG. It’s very hard. I finally, however, found a seed that worked: -4589128118707775879  *This is for PC edition, 1.11* It worked for me, but I’ve found that seeds can be unreliable sometimes. 

Anyway, onto the Woodland Mansion itself. It’s very large and impressive. It may be hard to find an entrance from the outside, but I assure you, there is an entrance. Once your inside, you might be either super excited or a little overwhelmed. Or, you might be neither. But don’t be overwhelmed, once you learn where the stairways and pillars are, you should be able to find your way around. Now, I’m just going to warn you, after you’ve been around a few times, the place kind of loses its charm. But, it’s still really cool to visit.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article!

Minecraft Monday- Animal Farming

Hey! It’s Nerdalicious again! Just the other day I was asking my younger brother what he always wanted to know when he started playing Minecraft. He said how to shear and dye sheep, it may sound amateur, but it gave me a great idea to do a beginner’s guide to animal farming in Minecraft. Plain and simple.

Ok, the first thing you’re going to want to do when you begin farming is getting lots and lots of fences, of course, that’s only if you’re in survival. It’s easier to write this post assuming you’re in creative. So that’s exactly what I’ll do. So, like I said, you’re gonna need fence, and fence gates, to create enclosures for your animals. There are of course, much more elaborate, and effective ways of doing this. But this one is much easier, and it keeps the animals in. So this is the one I use. 

Now onto the animals. I have decided to talk about the most common farm animals in Minecraft. I am speaking of course of pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep. I will address each of these animals in turn and give a brief summary of their use.


Sheep are extremely useful farm animals because they are multi purpose. You can shear them, for wool, or kill them, for meat. When you shear a sheep, you obviously have to have shears in your hand, and all you have to do is right click it, it will usually drop 1-3 pieces of wool. When you kill a sheep, well, you kill it. Obviously, you can’t use it again, it will usually drop 1 piece of wool and 1-3 pieces of mutton. Oh, one other cool thing you can do with sheep, you can dye them! This is extremely useful, cause you use 1 dye and them whenever you shear the sheep it drops dyed wool instead of plain. Also when you mate 2 dyed sheep, say yellow and red, you get an orange baby! However when you mate two colors that don’t mix, say pink and light blue, the baby will be either pink or light blue.


Cows are also very useful, cause they are also multipurpose. You can milk them, or of course, you can kill them. When you milk a cow you simply right click it with a bucket, and it fills with milk. Milk is very useful as both a poison antidote and a crafting item. When you kill a cow, it will usually drop 1-3  pieces of beef, and sometimes 1 piece of leather.


Chickens can be useful, but you should usually have them in large quantities. Because they are so easy to kill. They give you eggs, and if you kill them they will usually give you 1 feather and 1 chicken.


Pigs are not very useful other than the fact that you can ride them using a saddle and a carrot on a stick, and you can kill them to get 1-3 pork chops. I mostly keep them around because, in my opinion, they are the cutest Minecraft farm animal; next to the baby chicken. 🙂

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you liked it.


Minecraft Monday- Cactus Farming


Hey! Today I’m going to teach you about cactus farming. Now, efficient cactus farming is a little tricky, because to do it correctly you need to build a special type of farm. It’s not very complex, but it is hard to explain. So I’ll try to explain it the best I can. Just so you know, it might take a little while to work out all the kinks, and everyone does it a little differently. 

First, you’ll want to make a sort of shell by digging out a hole big enough to make enough space for cacti, you’re gonna want to place the cactus at least 1 block apart, and then fill the hole with water. Next, you’re going to make a row of a block on 1 side, and behind a row that’s 2 blocks high. Then put a piston on the 1 block row behind each cactus, and on the 2 block row put a lever behind each piston. 

When you want to harvest the cactus you simply right click the lever to push the piston and cat off the second block of the cactus. See, when something touches the cactus it will destroy it and every cactus block on top of it; and since you put it on the row of blocks except for the bottom. Then the cactus will begin it’s growing cycle again, and you won’t even have to replant.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!


Minecraft Monday is Back!

Ta-da! Minecraft Monday is back! I am Nerdalicious, a fan of Minecraft Monday, and friend of the Nerd Family. Anyway, I thought for my first post, I’d just do an intro to Minecraft- surviving the first night. Plain and simple. I’m sure Nerdpie did something of the sort, but it is my belief that everyone does things a little differently. So I hope you find this article informational.

Ok, when I play survival I generally play with the All Biomes setting, you can do this by entering advanced world settings, and selecting custom. Not that hard. After I enter the world, I usually make my way to a Savanah biome, although any biome with hills or mountains will work, as my preferred house is in the side of the mountain, it is convenient, and you get materials out of it. Of course for this house, you will need a pickaxe of some form, which requires basic materials and a crafting table. Once I make my house, I generally look for sheep to get wool for a bed. After that, you’re pretty much set for the first night, but if you have more time, you might want to get some basic necessities. 

I hope you liked it!




Minecraft Halloween Update!!!


We are going into Halloween, and Minecraft is coming with us! To get to the Halloween Update on the PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open Minecraft launcher
  2. In the bottom left, you will see Edit Profile
  3. Click use latest version and save
  4. Click Play!
  5. Make new world.

The Following is a list of new mods (Some of which are in 1.10.2)

  • Llama: Basically a horse that looks different. It can hold a chest but not a saddle. I consider them transport mods. 
  • Evoker: An evil villager. Can summon a line of jaws and the new Vex mob.
  • Vex: Little blue faeries with swords and wings.
  • Stray: A revamped Skeleton with new clothes and white eyes. They are very creepy!
  • Husk: A gray zombie that doesn’t burn up!
  • Vindicator: Minecraft’s ax murderer.
  • Skeleton Horse: A skinless horse that often causes lightning. (Erie lightning too) Unrideable.
  • Zombie Horse: A horse that is back from beyond the grave! (Insert spooky music here) Unrideable.
  • Skulker: 1 1/2 block tall and shoots you with bullets that make you fly. (play “I beleive I can Fly”)
  • Polar Bear: Neutral mob that drops fish.

The following are now able to be spawned:

  • Mule
  • Donkey
  • Zombie villager

The following blocks are new (As of 1.10.2)

  • End rod: Fence-like bricks that can be placed horizontally. 
  • Chorus: A plant in the end that can be crafted into:
    • Purpur Stairs
    • Purpur Columns
    • Purpur slabs
    • Purpur blocks
  • Chorus root: A chorus generator that can only be placed in the end. Can not float.
  • Magma Block: A glowing brick that deals fire damage.
  • Skulker box: a block that can hold stuff.
  • Bone brick: A brick made of bone.
  • Red Nether Brick: Now in red!
  • Nether Wart Block: It looks like blood.
  • End Column: 4 bricks all in one! (Some call it fashion, I call it waste of blocks)
  • Observer: An observer is placed against a block, observing the block. 

The following can now be placed:

  • Ender Dragon Skull.
  • End Crystal.

Using this information, go forth, craft great things, and have a Happy Halloween!

Minecraft Tapestry: What To Do With Your Minecraft Wool


Today I am going to tell you all about what you can do with wool. Wool is a very helpful item because you can make a bunch of decorations out of it. You can get it from shearing a sheep or from killing it. If you shear the sheep you can get 1 to 3 pieces of wool and it grows back, but if you kill the sheep to will get 1 piece and some mutton and it never grows back.

The most common use of wool is for making beds. The recipe for a bed is wood planks on the bottom ow and wool blocks on the middle row of the crafting table. A bed is used to sleep in though that might be a foreign concept to you. You will sleep until morning when you right click on it.

Did you know that you can dye wool? Because it is really helpful if you are using wool to decorate to have some color in it. You can dye a block of wool whatever color or you can dye a sheep and all wool that is produced by that sheep will be that color until it is redyed. And when you breed 2 sheep that are the same color the lamb will be that color.

One of my favorite ways to use wool is to make carpet. If you can make the dye you can make that color carpet. The recipe is wool in the middle left and middle and in the bottom left and middle on the crafting table interface. You can make a floating block by placing something over a piece of carpet. The carpet is seen as one full block so it appears to float in the air.

The last thing I am going to tell you about is pictures. These are great pieces to put on blank walls. The recipe is a wool block in the middle middle and sticks in every other spot in the crafting interface 

I hope that this gets you in the decorating mood.


Nerdpie’s Guide to Minecraft Meat


Minecraft has a wide variety of meat products that you can eat. I like to eat all of them. If you want you can farm different animals in the same pit or in different pits if you want. If you eat your meat raw  then it might make you sick. If you are sick you can drink milk to get rid of the sickness.Otherwise it will reduce you to having 1 health point until you regenerate the rest.


Mutton is a newer meat only put out in 1.9. You get mutton from sheep. Sheep is a great animal to farm because you can shear wool from it and you get meat so it is a win win situation. Mutton is 2 food points when raw but when you cook it in a furnace mutton becomes 6 food points.


This might be the most used meat in Minecraft because cows are really helpful. You can milk them with a bucket. And when you kill them you will get leather and beef. When you eat beef you will get 3 food points and when you cook beef you will get steak which is 8 food points.


This might be the least used meat in Minecraft because pigs only give you porkchops, nothing else. If you want them to follow you, you have to have a carrot in your hand. Porkchops give you 3 food points if raw and  8 food points if cooked.

Rotten Flesh

While this isn’t exactly meat it is somewhere in that region. You get it from zombies when they die and isn’t really helpful. If you eat it you will probably get sick and you can’t cook the sickness out of it. One piece of rotting flesh is 4 food points

I hope that this helps you decide what you are going to farm animal wise.


The Liquids of Minecraft


I am going to tell you all about the liquids of Minecraft because they are really interesting yet you could live without them. Like you do not need to drink any thing throughout the enter game which is really cool yet scary because then there is nothing that can tie us to a place because of water.


This is the most common liquid because it is in lakes and oceans all around and no water can get dirty. All water is the same in Minecraft no matter where you find it. Water is used as the base of all potions and can be traveled over using a boat.


This is a really cool resource because it will destroy a lot of different things like plants or you. If you touch lava you will be lit on fire and with stane lots of damage from it. If you are in the lava you will most likely die. Lava is a good barrier for keeping out the monsters from your fortress. I suggest you make some way to get over it though. Unless you like swimming in lava


These are really helpful but I am not going to go into them in great detail. You can make a fire resistance potion to help with the aforementioned lava swimming. You can also make a water breathing potion to help with the actual swimming.


This liquid is very helpful as it combats poison. There are a couple of different ways to get poison but all of them give you the same effect. The most often way is eating raw meat. It won’t always give you poison. And there is a potion of poison witches will throw at you.

I hope that this gives you a thirst for knowledge about Minecraft liquids.


Minecraft Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice



Dessert Week. Today I’m going to teach you how to make Minecraft desserts. I love to make Minecraft desserts they look so cool. I sometimes stumped to find the ingredients but when I am able to make desserts I am always glad. I have 3 desserts to show you how to make and I bet you will use them a lot.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These aren’t exactly your mama’s Chocolate Chip Cookies but I bet you will like them just as much. They are super good for your guy as they use less resources than wheat per food point. The recipe is Wheat in the middle left and right and Cacao beans in the middle middle. You will get 8 cookies for consumption which is scrumdiddlyumptious. It restores 2 food points. 

Pumpkin Pie 

This is Nerdster’s fave dessert on Minecraft because it is really cheap on resources and really good on food points. The recipe is a Pumpkin a sugar and an egg anywhere on the crafting table. Pumpkin pie is really good for you because you can get 8 food points from it. And you can stack to 64 so you can carry a weeks worth in one spot.


This is the most complicated dessert but it is very rewarding. The recipe is milk buckets in the top row (don’t worry after you craft it they will stay on the crafting table as empty buckets), sugar in the middle left and right, an egg in the middle middle, and wheat across the bottom. Cake is actually set down as a block before eating and is eaten in slices. You right click on it and you eat a slice. One slice is 2 food points making the whole cake 14 food points, You can’t stack more than on cake making them hard to lug around but they are great to have at home because all of the ingredients can be found around the farm.

I hope that this will help you to start your own confectionary business around Minecraft. Have fun with it!


Minecraft Creativity Come To Life


Today’s post is all about one of my favorite modes, Creative it is a really neat mode because you can make anything you want. You can make a village or a town, you can make a castle or a farm, whatever you want. I normally make a creative world to test out any new redstone creations that I plan on making. Or you can use it to try out a block that you have never used before.

I will use creative to play with animals to figure out what they like best. You can use creative and survival together by enabling cheats. I suggest you make on creative world just to play around with. My worlds that I play around with normally end up getting flooded because I was playing around with a water fountain. The best thing about creative is that if you don’t like your creation you can just throw it away and you won’t run out.

On creative you will not have a crafting interface in your inventory. But instead you will have almost every item in minecraft . When you left click on blocks it will destroy them and you will not get any resources back from them. If you have one block in your hand you can place infinite blocks of that kind. And if you are crafting you can click on one block of anything with your mouse wheel and you will get the maximum stack you can get off of it in your mouse piece

If you want a flat landscape so that you have a blank canvas you can when you are making your world go to more options and click on the landscape button until it gives you flat lands.

I hope that this gets you excited to make some creative worlds.