Minecraft Halloween Update!!!


We are going into Halloween, and Minecraft is coming with us! To get to the Halloween Update on the PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open Minecraft launcher
  2. In the bottom left, you will see Edit Profile
  3. Click use latest version and save
  4. Click Play!
  5. Make new world.

The Following is a list of new mods (Some of which are in 1.10.2)

  • Llama: Basically a horse that looks different. It can hold a chest but not a saddle. I consider them transport mods. 
  • Evoker: An evil villager. Can summon a line of jaws and the new Vex mob.
  • Vex: Little blue faeries with swords and wings.
  • Stray: A revamped Skeleton with new clothes and white eyes. They are very creepy!
  • Husk: A gray zombie that doesn’t burn up!
  • Vindicator: Minecraft’s ax murderer.
  • Skeleton Horse: A skinless horse that often causes lightning. (Erie lightning too) Unrideable.
  • Zombie Horse: A horse that is back from beyond the grave! (Insert spooky music here) Unrideable.
  • Skulker: 1 1/2 block tall and shoots you with bullets that make you fly. (play “I beleive I can Fly”)
  • Polar Bear: Neutral mob that drops fish.

The following are now able to be spawned:

  • Mule
  • Donkey
  • Zombie villager

The following blocks are new (As of 1.10.2)

  • End rod: Fence-like bricks that can be placed horizontally. 
  • Chorus: A plant in the end that can be crafted into:
    • Purpur Stairs
    • Purpur Columns
    • Purpur slabs
    • Purpur blocks
  • Chorus root: A chorus generator that can only be placed in the end. Can not float.
  • Magma Block: A glowing brick that deals fire damage.
  • Skulker box: a block that can hold stuff.
  • Bone brick: A brick made of bone.
  • Red Nether Brick: Now in red!
  • Nether Wart Block: It looks like blood.
  • End Column: 4 bricks all in one! (Some call it fashion, I call it waste of blocks)
  • Observer: An observer is placed against a block, observing the block. 

The following can now be placed:

  • Ender Dragon Skull.
  • End Crystal.

Using this information, go forth, craft great things, and have a Happy Halloween!

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