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When the weather starts to turn cold I start thinking gifts. Christmas gifts, hostess gifts, Hanukkah gifts, baby showers, and (all of a sudden) weddings gifts! Yes, I said weddings. I don’t know when November meant weddings but we have 2 to go to in 8 days. But back to my point;).

I want all my gifts to have a special touch. They don’t all have to be super unique or themed but something cute that has a sweet message is great. As someone who has been married forever (literally 20 years) I think about marriage advice. Advice I have gotten, given, and even the advice I thought was dumb comes to mind. A classic piece of life was “Good mornings make for good days”. So here is an idea that can be for any holiday or occasion!!!

Good Morning Gift

The basics of this gift centers around the need to caffeinate! This is an essential for my good morning. So here are some of the things I would put in this gift.

french-press-travel-mugBodum 15 oz Travel Press Coffee Maker: Eliminate an entire piece of machinery with this on the go coffee press you can drink from. If coffee isn’t your poison it isn’t a big deal because this is great for loose leaf tea also. Hopefully you have time in the morning for a luxurious cup (if so, I am jealous). But it not, have no fear just fill it and go.



electric-teapotElectric Kettle: If you use a coffee press or drink tea in the morning you are going to need near boiling water. You can set an electric kettle up on your bathroom counter or in your kitchen. But either way it takes minutes and tends to be much faster than using your stove to boil water. (I don’t just use this for my tea but also to boil water for pasta. I said it was faster than the stove)

Tea: Loose leaf tea is always the best choice in my opinion. While I like herbal and green during they day, I need a good black to get my day going.

godiva-coffeeCoffee: And I mean good coffee like Godiva. This is a gift, get the quality you would love to receive! Make sure to get it ground unless you are getting them a grinder too.

Scones or Scone Mix: You need a little something to nosh on too, right? Scones are great to get your day going. But don’t get them fresh scones unless you know they can consume the next day. If they are heading out to a honeymoon or this is sitting under a Christmas tree go with an easy and quality mix.

Then you just assemble your gift! A basket is always nice but tower can be kind of cool. Those big towers of goodies we see from Harry & David  or Costco are always interesting and special. So wrap your gifts separately and they stack with layers of tape in between the boxes. Then tie the whole tower together with a long ribbon. 

There you have a thoughtful gift that will make a splash!


(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone!)




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