Happy Birthday to a Great Company


Today is Lenovo’s 32nd Birthday and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to this company whom I enjoy! What do I enjoy about them? Of course I love the fact that I have a relationship with the company but that grows out of my deep fondness with their products.

Lets start with the Yoga line! I love the convertible laptops. I have had 3 generations of Yoga computers and they just keep getting better. While the Yoga 900 was light enough to serve as a convincing tablet, it is hefty enough as a laptop to run multiple monitors and tons of applications at the same time. I use this as my main blogging computer right now. I also love the Yoga tablets. Not only are the displays gorgeous but I have a projector. Need I say more?

The Home line of all in one computers aren’t just great computers but also a great arcade experience. Then look to the Thinkpad lines and Motorola phones. Both are rugged and powerful. The Motorola phones are so cutting edge and cool that they bleed;). No, I am not getting paid for this, I just really like their stuff.

I also love that they are doing more and more with the gaming world. At the same time they are very giving. What do I mean by that? Well, Lenovo has a Twitch channel now! As they build more gaming machines they want to engage and entertain gamers. But they are also supporting Make A Wish with their Twitch channel. I love that they choice to use their twitch platform as a way to give back!

So those are just some of the reasons I like Lenovo and home that they have a fabulous birthday and many more!

(Disclosure: I do work with Lenovo as part of their Insiders but this is all my opinion and not compensated.)

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