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The Creation Crate Mood Lamp!

Creation Crate Mood Lamp


So one day, Mom and Dad called me into their office along with Nerdpie and said, “We got sent this buildable mood lamp from Creation Crate, and were wondering if you wanted to make it.” Nerdpie was like, “Kind of, but if Nerdster wants to, he can!” Of course, to this, I said, “I would really like to make the lamp! Thanks!”


And here I am, a week or two later, and I learned a lot. A couple of things I learned are:

  • I learned about circuit boards.
  • I learned about charges and how they travel.
  • I (surprisingly) learned about programming.
  • I especially learned about inputting circuits and lining them up.
  • And I learned about CHIMICHANGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This lamp was super fun to make and incorporated a couple of cool features and skills, including:
  1. Circuit boards
  2. Programming
  3. Troubleshooting and Debugging
  4. Wire attachment
  5. Proper care of wires and LEDs (I learned this one the hard way :)C. Let’s just say, there was supposed to be three LEDs.)
All in all, this was really fun to make. I only have a couple complaints.
1)The wiring is a little confusing.
2)It didn’t come with a power source.
But other than that, the lamp was perfect. I really enjoyed learning how to implement the programming to the board, and how to program the timer for switching colors. Arduino programming is like some of the languages I like, such as JavaScript, Es6, or Python, but it also has its own sort from combining languages like JSON, CSS, or C++. It was really interesting and taught me things I hope to use later in life. Maybe I can get a job making supplies for Arduino. That would be fun. This was a super fun project which was very educational and helped me brush up on my programming skills.  Over all, this was a great experience and I can’t wait to see what will come next time. I rate this creation crate… two enthusiastic thumbs up! Comment on what you think would be something cool to make!
NerdMom’s 2 cents:
I love Creation Crate and the idea of it! This is one of the first STEM/crafting kits that I have seen that is actually for kids 10 and up.  It is something you can use as an actual curriculum. They claim that if you do 12 kits you will have more hands on programming experience than 99% of college computer science students. The cost ranges between $22.50 – $29.99 just depending on if you go month to month or a year at a time. It was a great project and my son learned a lot. This would make a wonderful gift because it is very educational and very fun!
(Disclosure: We were given the Creation Crate by the company and this post contains affiliate links. That said, all opinions are ours and ours alone)

Minecraft Monday is Back!

Ta-da! Minecraft Monday is back! I am Nerdalicious, a fan of Minecraft Monday, and friend of the Nerd Family. Anyway, I thought for my first post, I’d just do an intro to Minecraft- surviving the first night. Plain and simple. I’m sure Nerdpie did something of the sort, but it is my belief that everyone does things a little differently. So I hope you find this article informational.

Ok, when I play survival I generally play with the All Biomes setting, you can do this by entering advanced world settings, and selecting custom. Not that hard. After I enter the world, I usually make my way to a Savanah biome, although any biome with hills or mountains will work, as my preferred house is in the side of the mountain, it is convenient, and you get materials out of it. Of course for this house, you will need a pickaxe of some form, which requires basic materials and a crafting table. Once I make my house, I generally look for sheep to get wool for a bed. After that, you’re pretty much set for the first night, but if you have more time, you might want to get some basic necessities. 

I hope you liked it!




Minecraft Halloween Update!!!


We are going into Halloween, and Minecraft is coming with us! To get to the Halloween Update on the PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open Minecraft launcher
  2. In the bottom left, you will see Edit Profile
  3. Click use latest version and save
  4. Click Play!
  5. Make new world.

The Following is a list of new mods (Some of which are in 1.10.2)

  • Llama: Basically a horse that looks different. It can hold a chest but not a saddle. I consider them transport mods. 
  • Evoker: An evil villager. Can summon a line of jaws and the new Vex mob.
  • Vex: Little blue faeries with swords and wings.
  • Stray: A revamped Skeleton with new clothes and white eyes. They are very creepy!
  • Husk: A gray zombie that doesn’t burn up!
  • Vindicator: Minecraft’s ax murderer.
  • Skeleton Horse: A skinless horse that often causes lightning. (Erie lightning too) Unrideable.
  • Zombie Horse: A horse that is back from beyond the grave! (Insert spooky music here) Unrideable.
  • Skulker: 1 1/2 block tall and shoots you with bullets that make you fly. (play “I beleive I can Fly”)
  • Polar Bear: Neutral mob that drops fish.

The following are now able to be spawned:

  • Mule
  • Donkey
  • Zombie villager

The following blocks are new (As of 1.10.2)

  • End rod: Fence-like bricks that can be placed horizontally. 
  • Chorus: A plant in the end that can be crafted into:
    • Purpur Stairs
    • Purpur Columns
    • Purpur slabs
    • Purpur blocks
  • Chorus root: A chorus generator that can only be placed in the end. Can not float.
  • Magma Block: A glowing brick that deals fire damage.
  • Skulker box: a block that can hold stuff.
  • Bone brick: A brick made of bone.
  • Red Nether Brick: Now in red!
  • Nether Wart Block: It looks like blood.
  • End Column: 4 bricks all in one! (Some call it fashion, I call it waste of blocks)
  • Observer: An observer is placed against a block, observing the block. 

The following can now be placed:

  • Ender Dragon Skull.
  • End Crystal.

Using this information, go forth, craft great things, and have a Happy Halloween!

The Mighty Splitter Beast!

Attention, heroes! The mighty Splitter Beast has broken out from underground! It has picked up a street lamp and preceding to come towards us! We have sent EVO and FURNO, equipped with a flame sword, micro blaster, and laser lasso to take down this monster. But it can split into two, causing a double trouble, two-ton titanic beatdown!

LEGO® 44021 Splitter Beast V. FURNO and EVO is second LEGO® HERO Factory Invasion from BELOW set. I bought it off Amazon for $27.90. I’m here to tell you why to buy it and why I really enjoy it. I think it is totally worth the price but you have to get it fast! Here’s why:

This set, and all other HERO Factory sets are Taken off Stores are getting rid of their limited stocks. On Amazon there is only 2 left in stock! That is why if you want it, get it soon.

Here are some cool things about this set:

  • The beast can split in two peices.
  • The small beast has poseable limbs when on the main beast’s head.
  • Not only is this the only set with two beasts, but the blue head is the only beast with an overbite.
  • EVO comes with a LEGO® Holo-pad.
  • The heros have all-new robot limbs.
  • The big beast has rare “beast feat”.

So now you have the facts. It’s your choice whether or not you get it. I just gave you my input.


Concept: Entertaining for Kids, Engaging for Adults



Finding games for the whole family can be very challenging. They are either too hard for the kids or super boring for the adults. What? Am I the only one? We are always on the hunt for games that the parents can play with the kids and with our adult friends. We found one of those games in Concept

ConceptplayConcept is a party game. It is sort of like Pictionary or charades but without the acting or drawing. You can compete individual or in rotating teams.

First the player (or team) draws a card. On that card are a variety of words or concepts. They are organized into easy, intermediate, and hard categories. You pick one of those items to describe to the rest of the table. 

Now this is where it gets really interesting, how you describe it. The board has a ton of squares on it. They have themes, colors, arrows, and so much more. (You have a sheet that give ideas as to what every square represent. ) Then you put markers on the board to try and communicate the item on your card to everyone else. The key is you get to pick out of the card. When they adults play we start with intermediate but the keys start with easy. 

It could be something as simple as rain or as hard as something like “Its not the end of the world”. You can used some markers to signify the primary idea and something else to bring in related ideas. You can really do all kinds of things. But you can’t talk. The only thing you can say is the word no. So that can help the group eliminate wrong guesses if they ask the right questions;). 

If someone guesses your word, concept, or quote you get 2 points and the person who guessed correctly gets one point! So this is a game where you want everyone to succeed. And you just keep going until you want to stop as a group, there is no “winning score”. It is so much fun! And with the adults playing the hard level, it is beyond hilarious. 

So on the nerdy side: Concept isn’t just a fun game. It really helps you learn a lot of communication skills. You have to think about your audience. What are your shared experiences that you can call on? What methods of logic and communication will they get? It is an awesome way to learn about knowing your audience, which is key in communicating with anyone. 

We absolutely love Concept and highly recommend it for families and parties of all ages. 

10daysbutton  This is part of the 10 Days of Nerdy Fun!!! Make sure you hop over to see what other great post of nerdy fun that will be shared!