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The Mighty Splitter Beast!

Attention, heroes! The mighty Splitter Beast has broken out from underground! It has picked up a street lamp and preceding to come towards us! We have sent EVO and FURNO, equipped with a flame sword, micro blaster, and laser lasso to take down this monster. But it can split into two, causing a double trouble, two-ton titanic beatdown!

LEGO® 44021 Splitter Beast V. FURNO and EVO is second LEGO® HERO Factory Invasion from BELOW set. I bought it off Amazon for $27.90. I’m here to tell you why to buy it and why I really enjoy it. I think it is totally worth the price but you have to get it fast! Here’s why:

This set, and all other HERO Factory sets are Taken off Stores are getting rid of their limited stocks. On Amazon there is only 2 left in stock! That is why if you want it, get it soon.

Here are some cool things about this set:

  • The beast can split in two peices.
  • The small beast has poseable limbs when on the main beast’s head.
  • Not only is this the only set with two beasts, but the blue head is the only beast with an overbite.
  • EVO comes with a LEGO® Holo-pad.
  • The heros have all-new robot limbs.
  • The big beast has rare “beast feat”.

So now you have the facts. It’s your choice whether or not you get it. I just gave you my input.


New Camera

So I have had the same digital camera for over 6 years. Needless to say, it was time for an upgrade. So today I went out and got a Canon PowerShot SX120IS. I already notice such a difference! Not only is it so much faster but the pictures already look better! This picture is straight out of the box. I haven’t messed with the setting and there wasn’t any flash!

Stay tuned for more, better pictures!!!

Aqua Dots Kill!

While that may sound like an inflammatory title it is true. The AquaDots toy was made with substandard chemicals that turn into a date rape job when activated by water. (Those with toddlers read when eaten.) This can lead to come, seizures and possibly death.

Chemically what is going on is:

The toys were supposed to use 1,5-pentanediol, a nontoxic compound found in glue, but instead contained the harmful 1,4-butanediol, which is widely used in cleaners and plastics.

The Chinese online trading platform ChemNet China lists the price of 1,4 butanediol at between about $1,350-$2,800 per metric ton, while the price for 1,5-pentanediol is about $9,700 per metric ton.

What I find especially scary is that I was looking at buying these Wednesday morning at SuperWalmart and didn’t get them because I was waiting for a sale.

Free History!

The History Channel is giving away some free history! Just request one, all or some combination of the unit studies. They are 4 different areas: The Declaration of Independence, Missouri River, The National World War II Memorial and the White House. They are also for grades K-12, depending on the study. Just give them your info and they ship it to you for free.

**Updated: I have now included a link! I thought I had before but….

Hybrid Diapers

So every time you are pregnant you look around at the new baby goods. Now there are gDiapers. They have a cloth outer shell with a biodegradable, flushable liner. The shell is $14.99 each. If you buy 160 liners in the small size (and if you are going to really use them you should probably buy them in that size lots) you get a 10% discount. So they are $52.00 just for the refills. This is not a route I am going but an option for all of you earth minded people out there!