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Geeky Links 10/29

So I am starting off with not only a geeky video but also a super nerdy one! If you can’t enjoy this a little… well, I should stop there before I say something mean;).

The Guardian has a piece about the Kindle being heavier when it is fully loaded. It all makes sense but I just wouldn’t have thought about it being heavier.

Over on Hero Complex Chris Hemsworth talks about the director who will be working on Thor 2. I personally am a huge Branagh fan but I am sure that Jenkins will do a smash up job!

Ok, and this is a very geek request. Can you go vote for my Verizon 4G LTE video? I would greatly appreciate it;). I am trying to win a prize pack that is extremely geeky;).

Blogging Gals Sticking Together!

Some of you out there know that I am going to my first blogging conference in July! It is the Savvy Blogging Summit and I am so excited!!! This will be my first time out of California and I am a bit nervous but looking forward to it!

It is a great group that are coming together to learn how to be better bloggers! 1 of those that are coming is Megan from the Half-Pint House. She makes some of the cutest bags and that is how she is paying her way to the conference! So go check out some of her cuteness and get something!

Nano Superconductors

Tiniest superconductor: the four-molecule-long nanowire (Image: S.-W. Hla)

Saw-Wai Hla‘s group at Ohio University has developed a wire that is 1 molecule wide. How cool is that? It is zero resistance so it doesn’t lose any heat.

They took that wire and developed a superconductor using wires that are 4 molecules long. The wires were made with an organic molecule and salt on top of a sheet of silver.  From looking at the group’s site it looks like the organic molecule is chlorophyll.  This is so cool!!!

The idea of taking something so organic and creating a semiconductor out of it just so freeing as far as the limitless technology development that could come. Forget a cell phone, build it into your jacket. And making it organic like this would really bring down the production cost. Because really, how hard is it to get chlorophyll;)?

Now obviously this isn’t market ready. It looks like they aren’t sure why it conducts at 4 molecules of length but not 3. So there is a while until this happens in the mass market but heck, I am only 34;).

This is cooler than the Jetson’s robot maid, well maybe;).

(HT: New Scientist)

Metal Velcro

Awesome isn’t it? There really is metal velcro or, without the trademark term, hook and loop fastener. It is so cool! From the press release:

Hook and loop fasteners made of spring steel have now been developed at the Institute of Metal Forming and Casting of the Technische Universitaet Muenchen. These fasteners are resistant to chemicals and can withstand a tensile load of up to 35 tonnes per square meter at temperatures as high as 800°C.

This is so cool! I love watching materials innovation. In the article it says that they were looking for automotive innovations and uses in construction. How neat!

(HT: Next Big Future)