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Arkansas and Their New Abortion Law

© Rcyoung | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Rcyoung | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

So, Arkansas has done the revolutionary. They have passed a new abortion law that is banning abortion past 12 weeks. It is called the Human Heartbeat Protection Act because 12 weeks is when the heartbeat can consistently be detected by abdominal ultrasound. Not only did the bill originally pass the Arkansas legislature, the Senate also over rode the veto of Governor Mike Beebe by a vote of 20 to 14.

If it stands this will be the most restrictive law on the books anywhere in the country. But of course there are already lawsuits in the works. The claim is that this new law violates the limit set by the Supreme Court of 24 weeks based on viability. I am not sure that I am familiar this supposed 24 week minimum allowance set out by the Supreme Court but I do know that other states have been allowed to place higher boundaries but I wasn’t familiar a minimum viability rule…

If this law stands it will be a wonderful step for the pro-life lobby and babies!!

(HT: New York Times)

Why I am Pro-Life All the Time

Yes, I realize that I am sticking my head into a lion’s mouth. I understand that this is controversial. But I feel this is a subject I have to address.

There is so much fighting out there about pro-life/pro-choice. It gets ugly. It gets personal. It is a war on women, imposing morality on others, so on and so forth. But if you are pro-choice do you really understand why someone like me is pro-life? Do you think it is because I like kids? Do you think it is because that I think that having kids is something that everyone needs to do?

No. It is because I don’t believe killing a baby. Be it due to duress, inconvenience, inability to provide or anything else. And I believe that for all intents and purposes life begins conception. Babies are born at 22 weeks and go on to become completely healthy, normal children. We know that they are moving in response to their environments before then. So how can we say that isn’t life?

Yes, then comes the whole “what about incest and rape” thing. Well, those who know me well know that I try to be logical. So if I believe life begins at conception it is logical for me to believe that is still a baby. Would it be logical to kill a baby due to someone else’s crime? Not in my opinion.

Stop! Don’t freak. Hear me out. I understand that pregnancy is a result of rape. I am not an idiot like Akin. But, did the baby do anything that it deserves death? No. Yes, the woman didn’t do anything wrong either but I saying that she should carry this child to term. Why should she be asked to suffer? Well, crime is crime because of the victims.  This is another part of that victimization but it isn’t the child’s fault. I am not asking that woman to raise that child because there is always adoption and she can’t love that child due to the violence that brought about, please place the baby for adoption(often you can choose the adopting parents!). But that isn’t the child’s fault. We don’t allow post birth babies to be killed even when they are used as a reason for a crime committed against someone do we? Like domestic violence where the connection between an abuser and victim that can’t be severed is the child? (And yes, I really believe that. If know someone who is in that situation who needs help finding and actually choosing a home for that unwanted child let me know and I will help.)

So all that said. I value life and I consider pregnancy to be life. I am not asking you to agree with me but to respect that. Can you? Can you go beyond your own values to believe that I actually believe mine? If so don’t ask me to pay for it. I am not talking about outlawing it, just don’t make me pay to help you end what I consider a life. Can you understand that? I am not talking about arresting people or anything like that. I am just asking that my government not use my money for it. And that includes the schools transporting girls to abortion clinics.


(Post Script: I am not talking about what to do if a mother’s life is in danger. I am not qualified and those situations are unique. That is a medical situation and not always a choice. Just thought I would include that.)

(This may sound odd but I have also written political posts over on LabelDaddy, feel free to check those out as well. They sponsored a political post. The subject was my choice and my opinions alone.  But these are my views and not necessarily LabelDaddy’s views)

Foreign Campaigns for President of the US?

Do you know what is a great way for Obama Campaign to celebrate the Fourth of July? A great way to show us, the voters, that he wants to be reelected President of the United States on this great nations birthday?

To go campaigning in Europe……

Seriously, Obama’s Campaign kicked off his European Presidential Fundraising campaign in Paris yesterday. I understand wanting campaign money where ever you can get it I guess but it that really how a candidate for President, not to mention the sitting President, should be celebrating his country’s birthday? Usually I believe these kind of holidays are private and personal events but this an official event. It seems crazy.

Then there is the whole European Presidential campaign thing. Really? I seem to remember something about not wanting foreign entities to influence our elections being mentioned before…. This seems a little wrong… Are they bound by campaign finance laws? That is a serious question. I really do want to know.

Is it really just me who thinks this is a little wonky? I mean this isn’t even a liberal versus conservative thing in my mind…


Updated: Thank you Homero for pointing out that President Obama himself was indeed stateside! I read the link from National Review and that led me to misread Ben Shapiro. While I this leaves me less annoyed with the President, I am still annoyed with the campaign. I do not like the idea of foreign money having a role!

The Broken Window Fallacy

I am amazed how many people buy into the broken window fallacy. And if you want to see people buying into the broken window fallacy just look at Federal support programs. Another example is the Occupy people who trash storefronts and expect their student loans to be forgiven.

Do people not understand that money is liquid but there is only so much? Had you heard of the broken window fallacy before?

Same Side as Al Qaeda?

Ok, so I find it a little scary that I agree with Al Qaeda about anything but the Syrian government is a problem for their own people. But what does it mean? How should this influence what we should do? I definitely don’t want to see Al Qaeda ruling Syria (in addition to the possibility of them ruling in Libya and Egypt). But I do think that if Al Qaeda liberates Syria the people will be grateful. They will probably be more than willing to trade 1 evil dictatorship for another. But I do believe that a country should be allowed to self determine…. What to do?

Wrong? Does Iowa mean something?

I do not like admitting that I was wrong. It annoys me greatly. That is why I usually do not make big sweeping statement on my blog because then later I will feel the need to either corrected or apologize. But, alas, I may be wrong about the Iowa caucus.

I have to say the one thing I never contemplated happening happened. Who would have thought that Rick Santorum would have been inches away from winning? This may be a game changer! The reason there are so many Republicans in the race to begin with is due to the fact no one sees an option to Romney. If Santorum has a real chance of becoming the Republican nominee I think we may start seeing people drop like flies out of the primary race.

I am not sure that the Iowa caucus counted for anything but it just may have. We will only find out the next days or weeks to come. This could get interesting….

Who cares about the Iowa caucus?

Before the results are in from the Iowa caucus, let us just put everything on the table. The Iowa caucus is unreliable and irrelevant. For heavens sake. Ron Paul, the candidate who said he does not even think he can win, is probably going to show up as the winner of the Republican Iowa caucus. I am really hoping that this time when the crazy candidate i.e. Ron Paul wins, it proves to the world that this is a waste to began with. I am not sure how it got so much prestige to begin with. I have heard that it was a pet project of the press back in the 80s but even that sounds too ridiculous to be true but, we are talking about the press so who knows.

So I for one am not even planning on tuning in to or reading about any of the coverage of the Iowa caucus. I will just wait till something more that counts happens.

(And no, I don’t think Paul is crazy but I think his chances are.)