Who cares about the Iowa caucus?

Before the results are in from the Iowa caucus, let us just put everything on the table. The Iowa caucus is unreliable and irrelevant. For heavens sake. Ron Paul, the candidate who said he does not even think he can win, is probably going to show up as the winner of the Republican Iowa caucus. I am really hoping that this time when the crazy candidate i.e. Ron Paul wins, it proves to the world that this is a waste to began with. I am not sure how it got so much prestige to begin with. I have heard that it was a pet project of the press back in the 80s but even that sounds too ridiculous to be true but, we are talking about the press so who knows.

So I for one am not even planning on tuning in to or reading about any of the coverage of the Iowa caucus. I will just wait till something more that counts happens.

(And no, I don’t think Paul is crazy but I think his chances are.)

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