Foreign Campaigns for President of the US?

Do you know what is a great way for Obama Campaign to celebrate the Fourth of July? A great way to show us, the voters, that he wants to be reelected President of the United States on this great nations birthday?

To go campaigning in Europe……

Seriously, Obama’s Campaign kicked off his European Presidential Fundraising campaign in Paris yesterday. I understand wanting campaign money where ever you can get it I guess but it that really how a candidate for President, not to mention the sitting President, should be celebrating his country’s birthday? Usually I believe these kind of holidays are private and personal events but this an official event. It seems crazy.

Then there is the whole European Presidential campaign thing. Really? I seem to remember something about not wanting foreign entities to influence our elections being mentioned before…. This seems a little wrong… Are they bound by campaign finance laws? That is a serious question. I really do want to know.

Is it really just me who thinks this is a little wonky? I mean this isn’t even a liberal versus conservative thing in my mind…


Updated: Thank you Homero for pointing out that President Obama himself was indeed stateside! I read the link from National Review and that led me to misread Ben Shapiro. While I this leaves me less annoyed with the President, I am still annoyed with the campaign. I do not like the idea of foreign money having a role!

9 thoughts on “Foreign Campaigns for President of the US?”

  1. Odd. Makes me shake my head. While I was sitting on a lawn watching fireworks with my family and friends, tearing up at the overwhelming love I have for our country, The Great One was on the Chemps Elysees?


  2. Are you really surprised? Isn’t he the same president that doesn’t have the American flag behind him in all his public speaches? Wasn’t there a question about his American birth?

    Very sad that the “leaders” of America have lost the love and respect for our country….it’s all about the $$.

  3. Homero,
    Thank you for bringing my mistake to my attention! I wanted to let you know the reason your comment didn’t immediately show up was because of the links, I had to approve them.

    I disagree about getting blogs out of politics.Blogs may not always be correct but the discussion it causes makes us stronger as a nation no matter which side you are on!

  4. Fair enough, NerdMom, I do agree that discussion is good, but I do feel that blogging is often editorial wrongfully displayed as journalism. I am not talking about your blog, I specifically mean the blog posts on news sites and periodicals that ofter also report news. I am all for people voicing their opinions. It is what makes this country great. But so does integrity and professionalism. Once again, I’m ranting at blogs on major news sites, not at your personal blog which doesn’t claim to report the news but offer your personal perspective on current events.

    Also, not to worry about the delay, I figured the links needed to be approved before posting. Don’t want any or other such stuff. 🙂

  5. I think that we all have to be careful when we read anything;). I think that even those who think they are just reporting the facts shade them based on their own views!

  6. Just read the update, as well. I was wondering how he could be in Ohio for his bus tour today. Anyway, for giggles, check out the #BettingOnAmerica hashtag.

  7. I haven’t thought about this enough to have an opinion on it, but it is certainly interesting. How do you feel about out-of-state funding for a campaign for governor? I get that it is different, but how much different?

  8. Simply proof that you can not take what you’ve read as fact of any kind from professional journalists or professional or semi-professional bloggers, simply use it as an investigative tool to dig deeper if it interests you. Your post does interest me as well as the comments and I will check the #BettingOnAmerica hashtag.

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