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Passion Planner Undated Daily Unboxing & Pen Test

Check out my unboxing of the undated daily Passion Planner that I recently got from their Pi Day Sale! See the layout and the pen tests!

What I mentioned!

A week with tea and fundraisers! Vlog

Most of the things I mentioned:

Cousera’s Google Project Management Certificate

Teas of the Week!

Everything Else!

A Look into my February Happy planners and daily junior disc planner!

Yes, I realize that I am posting this really late over here but I still wanted to share how my sliding time block system worked out for me in February.

If you missed about my post about my sliding time block system please check it out!

Some of the things mentioned:

My First TEMU Haul! Was it Worth it or just a waste of time?

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Most of the items I mentioned:

A Vlog in a Week of Illness and Lots of Computer Monitors!

Most of the things I mentioned:

Life Changes, Desk Tour, and Tea! NerdMom’s Life

Most of the things I mentioned:

A Tea-Filled Chaotic Week! Nerdmom’s Life

Most of the things I mentioned:

My Daily Discbound Planning Experiment (So Far)

In December I started experimenting with a new daily planning routine. I am not quite sure what I will end up with but here is my journey so far. And let’s be honest, I will probably end up making my own daily.

Things that are mentioned in the video: