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An Unproductive and Not Fun Week! NerdMom’s Life

Cousera’s Google Project Management Certificate

Most of the things mentioned!

Passion Planner (Use my link for $5 off)

A Vlog in a Week of Illness and Lots of Computer Monitors!

Most of the things I mentioned:

My #1 Earth Savvy Tip #VlogMom

This week’s prompt comes from Julie Meyers Pron — It’s Earth Week! Share an earth friendly pointer or tip or activity.

So of course I went super practical! Passing around clothes!!!! Kids go through so many clothes and it costs a fortune! We save a lot of money and waste by passing down clothes and getting clothes passed down to us! And I don’t just mean among siblings;).

You can do something good for the environment and your pocket book!


Ups & Downs of Vlogging #VlogMom

I try somethings new with my vlogging this week! I am outside, wearing red lipstick, and even did some annotations;). What do you think?

This week’s #VlogMom prompt is from Rajean at ‘B Cause I Said So’ ( . She wants to know our favorite and not so favorite things about blogging or vlogging. I talk about the joys and challenges I have in vlogging!


3 Pieces of Wisdom for my Teen Self #VlogMom

I appear to be back vlogging! I jumped back in with this week’s #VlogMom prompt. This week’s prompt is what 3 things you would tell your teenage self. I am not sure that I would have believed myself but I give it a go!

So what 3 things would you have told yourself? Make sure to let me know in the comments!!! And then check out some of the other great #VlogMom videos!