Ups & Downs of Vlogging #VlogMom

I try somethings new with my vlogging this week! I am outside, wearing red lipstick, and even did some annotations;). What do you think?

This week’s #VlogMom prompt is from Rajean at ‘B Cause I Said So’ ( . She wants to know our favorite and not so favorite things about blogging or vlogging. I talk about the joys and challenges I have in vlogging!


2 thoughts on “Ups & Downs of Vlogging #VlogMom”

  1. Thanks for joining the prompt this week and I love that you took it outside. Your red hair and lipstick look terrific in the sunlight.

    I agree about the honesty of vlogging. I want to learn more edit skills, I really do and I have learned some, but I also like using a full take, blemishes and all, unedited. It’s real. And I hope it inspires others to be as real as WE are being!

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