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Madeline L’Engle died Thursday at age 88. She was the author of Wrinkle in Time and many other great books. Literature and the world will miss her.

Pastor D. James Kennedy also dies this week at age 76. He actually died as a result of a heart attack he had in December. While I listened to him on the radio in hugh school and college, I was shocked (pleasantly) to see he was a founding member of the Moral Majority. He will also be greatly missed.

Both families are in my prayers.

New York Nanny State

Once again New York City has a new ban. This time it is parents smoking in a car with kids. Now I don’t smoke, don’t like smoking, can’t have people smoke around me and I have asthma. Those issues are not the issue. The issue is how much control should the government have? This is private property with their own kids. It is a slippery slope. Smoking around your kids is bad. So is cussing, eating cookies, not getting enough sleep, etc. So are we going to fine everything? Will there be a checklist for raising your kids? I think the biggest thing that scares me about this is that I live in California and can see it happening here.

This also reveals a truth I have known for a while. Bloomberg may be a Republican but he is not conservative. While he hasn’t signed off on this specific law he did have some comments pertaining to this subject.

When asked in January about a similar proposal in Rockland County, Mr. Bloomberg said people should have the right to smoke in their own cars, but “if it’s a child in the car, who doesn’t have the ability to speak up and protect themselves, then society does start to have an interest.”

(HT: Two Babes and a Brain)

How could you educate for $25000 a person?

I am assuming better than the Washington DC schools. According to the Washington Post the kids of the district have a few ideas:

Among the things that they wanted to see in every public school: “books when school starts,” “heat in winter,” “air conditioning in summer,” “healthy meals,” “water fountains that work,” “music and art classes,” “counselors who are able to help us” and “teachers who care about their students and can teach.”

My question is what are they already spending the money on? This is yet another reason for vouchers or even tax credits for schooling.

(HT: Joanne Jacobs)

What will 2007 look like?

Over at Jewish World Review, James Lileks take a hilarious look back at 2007 from January 1st 2008. One section stood out in both hilarity and truth;).

American politics were in that blessed period between elections, but jockeying continued for the presidential spot in both parties. Hillary Clinton made a masterful move to the center by coming out against gay marriage for stem cells; Barack Obama continued to run on a platform of being Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney continued to remind people of his impressive chin. Rudy Guiliani rolled out a new campaign slogan: “Why? Because I’ll Nuke Them Old-School Style if I Have To, and You Know It,” while John McCain’s team came up with a GOP base-tested slogan, “Suck It Up, Haters! It’s Him or the Witch.”

NerdDad says the McCain slogan is all ready for the bumper stickers.