What will 2007 look like?

Over at Jewish World Review, James Lileks take a hilarious look back at 2007 from January 1st 2008. One section stood out in both hilarity and truth;).

American politics were in that blessed period between elections, but jockeying continued for the presidential spot in both parties. Hillary Clinton made a masterful move to the center by coming out against gay marriage for stem cells; Barack Obama continued to run on a platform of being Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney continued to remind people of his impressive chin. Rudy Guiliani rolled out a new campaign slogan: “Why? Because I’ll Nuke Them Old-School Style if I Have To, and You Know It,” while John McCain’s team came up with a GOP base-tested slogan, “Suck It Up, Haters! It’s Him or the Witch.”

NerdDad says the McCain slogan is all ready for the bumper stickers.

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