New York Nanny State

Once again New York City has a new ban. This time it is parents smoking in a car with kids. Now I don’t smoke, don’t like smoking, can’t have people smoke around me and I have asthma. Those issues are not the issue. The issue is how much control should the government have? This is private property with their own kids. It is a slippery slope. Smoking around your kids is bad. So is cussing, eating cookies, not getting enough sleep, etc. So are we going to fine everything? Will there be a checklist for raising your kids? I think the biggest thing that scares me about this is that I live in California and can see it happening here.

This also reveals a truth I have known for a while. Bloomberg may be a Republican but he is not conservative. While he hasn’t signed off on this specific law he did have some comments pertaining to this subject.

When asked in January about a similar proposal in Rockland County, Mr. Bloomberg said people should have the right to smoke in their own cars, but “if it’s a child in the car, who doesn’t have the ability to speak up and protect themselves, then society does start to have an interest.”

(HT: Two Babes and a Brain)

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