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Money Gap or Motivation Gap?

This last week I heard about the Pew study that came out about Economic Well Being by age groups. Here is the very notable section:

Trends in household wealth reveal the pattern most vividly. In 2009, the median net worth (all assets minus all debts) of households headed by an adult ages 65 or older was 42% more than that of their same-aged counterparts in 1984. By contrast, the net worth of a typical household headed by an adult under the age of 35 in 2009 was 68% less than that of their same-aged counterparts in 1984.

I agree with a local radio personality here in Fresno, Inga Barks, who said that it is good that are seniors are more secure. And she pointed out that at 25 it is a lot easier to get a second job than at 65. And that is all true.
But through all the discussion I have heard there is some key facts that I haven’t heard taken into account. First off is the bounce back kid. Some of these college graduates are coming home to live off their parents until they are in their 30’s not because they can’t find any job but because they can’t find their ideal job. Also you have more and more college graduates who aren’t working their way through college but living on loans or mom and dad.

Could all this factor into the money gap? Is this really just a sign of how well our economy is doing because this young adults can afford to not work? What does this really mean?

What the Blurg?

1/2 a billion dollars. 1/2 a billion dollars down the toilet. Why? Because the administration thinks the way to make an industry grow is by throwing money at it willy nilly. The Bush administration had already passed on backing Solyndra but Obama was sure he knew better. I mean when George Stephanopoulos says that people warned him, you know there had red flags a waving.

I don’t have a problem with this due to the fact it is green energy but do to faulty business theory. Government should get out of the way of business but that isn’t the same thing as throwing money at it. I would love to see us as an active participant in the green energy race but lets not worry about shipping over seas until we can take care of the domestic demand.

If we can build a better product then we should do it. But inflating a company’s worth with false cash flow does not actually make it successful. That is really only done by actually producing a product or service that people want to buy. And Venture Capitalists are always looking for that to invest in.
Venture Capitalist is not a role the United States government should be taking on.

Obama Caused the Downgrade of America

I believe that President Barak Obama caused the downgrade of America from a AAA rating to a AA+ rating by the S&P. I know, that is a bold statement but one I believe is true.

We won’t get into a whole conversation about if the US can really default on a T-bill since we print money…That is not the point.

It wasn’t 2 weeks ago that President Obama came out and said that if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling that the US would default on their loans. So the S&P believed him. They believed him in saying that 1 deal not passing the legislature could break the US. I don’t know if I believed him but needless his words had consequences.

Now President Obama comes out saying how ridiculous it is that the S&P would downgrade the US as an investment because we are so stable. Really? As my momma used to say, you were either lying then or lying now.

By the by, I think it is interesting that the S&P sited our leadership as the reason for the downgrade….

Arabs Actual Palestinian Foe?

Ok, first off let me state a few things that may or may not be common knowledge. First, most displaced Palestinians are actually from Jordan not Israel (we won’t even get into the whole Palestine as a name thing).  Second, Israel is the first country to actually allow them any citizenship. Third, they are looked down upon by all of their Arab brothers.

This point has been shown by many things through out recent history. I remember before the first Gulf War when a bunch of Palestinians were tossed out of Kuwait and weren’t taken in willingly by anyone. The fact that there are Palestinian camps in many Arab countries that keep them in squalor (is this how you treat family?).

And once again the over arching dislike has been proven by the Grand Mufti of Lebanon calling Palestinians trash. Not that I completely blame the Lebanese for desiring to be done with the Palestinians. Hezbollah (controlled by Syria) does wield that Palestinians like  a weapon. Not only are they the cause for a desired war against Israel but in order to push everyone that direction, Hezbollah wants to make Lebanon a little miserable. If Lebanon is miserable with the Palestinians there maybe Lebanon might join in the fighting?

I am just tired of everyone saying how mean Israel is to the Palestinians! Look around a little! I am not saying that the Palestinians have an easy lot, but it isn’t all Israel’s fault! Neither is it their responsibility to fix it for them!

Bibi Schools Obama Like a Parent

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I loved this whole exchange;). I could go into why what the Prime Minister said is true but that is every where right now. Just leave it at he was right and Israel isn’t going to just going back to the 1967 borders. Period.

But something made me chuckle when I saw this (ok, many things about this made me chuckle). This little speech was made after Obama’s public speech calling for Israel to go back to 1967 borders. It reminds me of a parenting tactic my mom took and I have threatened with.

I hate how kids try to back you into a corner sometimes. The idea that they will to wait and ask you for something in public. It is that thing you usually say no to but they are hoping that by asking you in front of people you will concede. My way of dealing with it (and my mother’s before me) is if you try and embarrass me or put me on the spot, I will go into detail explaining to you why you can’t have what you want. I will go into the detail that you already know and it might be embarrassing to you.

I hope that Obama was more than a little embarrassed. Partially for trying to ignore history. But also for pretending that Hamas is this innocent organization when the US already knows better.

Is Newt Serious?

Apparently Newt Gingrich is going to announce his candidacy for the office of President on Wednesday (according to the Wall Street Journal) and I wonder if he is serious. While I have a fondness for Newt Gingrich, I look at this with quite a bit of hesitation. I wonder if there is a chance in heck of him getting either the nomination or elected. Newt is not really palatable to the country as a whole so does he really have a serious chance? Or is that the point?

Is he running as a palate adjuster? Doesn’t it make people like Palin or Daniels seem much more main stream? Is he just wanting to make sure that issues that are important to him are discussed?  Is this even a serious campaign?

I really don’t know what to think about all of this. How about you? Would you use your primary vote on him even though Newt has a slim chance of winning? Do you think he is running a serious campaign that is aiming at winning? Or is Newt going to continue his bomb throwing ways?

Parents in Control? Imagine!

CNN has a great piece about girls and clothes. It is by LZ Granderson and called Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps. He says what I have been screaming for years! Is it Abercrombie and Fitch’s fault that they have tried selling push up bras to 6 year olds? Well, yes and no. They made the poor decision to market it but only because there is a market.

Why do so many parents either dress their girls like tarts or allow to dress like tarts? These kids are well, kids! They are dumb about many things. We don’t let them work or live on their own. Why do parents give them cart blanche when it comes to clothing and sexuality?

Go read the piece! It is great!