One thought on “Submission and the Presidency”

  1. The submissive wife question… What a touchy subject… but I have to chime in. And you may not like what I say!

    First, I think the problem may be definition. To most people, when they hear “I’m a submissive wife” that translates to, “I believe I am subservient to my man and I am inferior to him – I am not his equal.” If someone actually believes in that exact statement, then I would hold the opinion similar to what most modern, intelligent people would probably hold – that’s sad. If that is what you mean too, then I would feel sad for you. But I don’t think that’s what you mean, and that’s probably not what many women mean. And here’s where the definition becomes a problem. What EXACTLY do you mean? What does Bachmann mean? I’m not actually asking because I think I personally understand, but I think this is where most people get stuck.

    This is, ironically, similar to the “feminist” question. The grass-roots campaign to smear the concept of feminism has done the same thing – “Oh, I’m not a feminist.” I’ve heard women actually say this – shockingly. So I ask, “Oh, so you don’t think a woman deserves equal rights or opportunities? You think she shouldn’t vote, or get equal pay, and that she is less competent, etc etc.” Because that’s what it means. The true definition is about equality and fairness – which does NOT mean we are identical. Having the same opportunities or not being stereotyped unfairly does not mean men and women are therefore the SAME. It means they are equal. Again – definition. But many people who are not “feminists” are thinking of those extreme feminists (similar to the extremists in every religion, from Islam to even Christianity) whom they’d never agree with. But that’s not what the words truly mean, do they?

    So anyway, that’s my 2 cents. I think, like most words and definitions, things get smeared, confused, or misunderstood. And what we need more of – is communication and patience to get us by. In every regard…

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