Parents in Control? Imagine!

CNN has a great piece about girls and clothes. It is by LZ Granderson and called Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps. He says what I have been screaming for years! Is it Abercrombie and Fitch’s fault that they have tried selling push up bras to 6 year olds? Well, yes and no. They made the poor decision to market it but only because there is a market.

Why do so many parents either dress their girls like tarts or allow to dress like tarts? These kids are well, kids! They are dumb about many things. We don’t let them work or live on their own. Why do parents give them cart blanche when it comes to clothing and sexuality?

Go read the piece! It is great!

One thought on “Parents in Control? Imagine!”

  1. so true!! Have you seen girls in dance classes?!?!! They’re just dressing them like strippers AND teaching them to DANCE like strippers. A gf of mine who is a professional dancer, she said when you graduate they shouldn’t give you a “diploma” they should hand you a pole!

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