Is Newt Serious?

Apparently Newt Gingrich is going to announce his candidacy for the office of President on Wednesday (according to the Wall Street Journal) and I wonder if he is serious. While I have a fondness for Newt Gingrich, I look at this with quite a bit of hesitation. I wonder if there is a chance in heck of him getting either the nomination or elected. Newt is not really palatable to the country as a whole so does he really have a serious chance? Or is that the point?

Is he running as a palate adjuster? Doesn’t it make people like Palin or Daniels seem much more main stream? Is he just wanting to make sure that issues that are important to him are discussed?  Is this even a serious campaign?

I really don’t know what to think about all of this. How about you? Would you use your primary vote on him even though Newt has a slim chance of winning? Do you think he is running a serious campaign that is aiming at winning? Or is Newt going to continue his bomb throwing ways?

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