Arabs Actual Palestinian Foe?

Ok, first off let me state a few things that may or may not be common knowledge. First, most displaced Palestinians are actually from Jordan not Israel (we won’t even get into the whole Palestine as a name thing).  Second, Israel is the first country to actually allow them any citizenship. Third, they are looked down upon by all of their Arab brothers.

This point has been shown by many things through out recent history. I remember before the first Gulf War when a bunch of Palestinians were tossed out of Kuwait and weren’t taken in willingly by anyone. The fact that there are Palestinian camps in many Arab countries that keep them in squalor (is this how you treat family?).

And once again the over arching dislike has been proven by the Grand Mufti of Lebanon calling Palestinians trash. Not that I completely blame the Lebanese for desiring to be done with the Palestinians. Hezbollah (controlled by Syria) does wield that Palestinians like  a weapon. Not only are they the cause for a desired war against Israel but in order to push everyone that direction, Hezbollah wants to make Lebanon a little miserable. If Lebanon is miserable with the Palestinians there maybe Lebanon might join in the fighting?

I am just tired of everyone saying how mean Israel is to the Palestinians! Look around a little! I am not saying that the Palestinians have an easy lot, but it isn’t all Israel’s fault! Neither is it their responsibility to fix it for them!

4 thoughts on “Arabs Actual Palestinian Foe?”

  1. Whether or not others are “mean” to Palestinians has nothing to do with whether or not Israel is “mean” to Palestinians.
    Whether or not other Arab nations look down on the Palestinians has nothing to do with whether they should have their borders maintained by Israel and their statehood denied. Israel deserves criticism whenever it acts unjustly (just as the Palestinian authorities do as well). When Israel responds to a unjust act of aggression from the Palestinian authority by demolishing Palestinian homes and creating more settlements, the criticism is valid — regardless of what an Islamic nation would have done in Israel’s place.

  2. Matt, Israel maintains the Palestinian border due to the fact the intention of the Palestinian government it to get rid of Israel as a people and nation.

    The Palestinians have no right to that land! Even if you don’t want to have the historical argument, the Palestinians lost it in war. The Palestinians could go back to Jordan except many were thrown out when the Palestinians tried to overthrow the Jordanian government.

  3. Again, nothing you said is relevant to whether or not Israel should act justly. Whether the Palestinians should be there or not, Israel still has a responsibility to act justly.

    Of course, Palestinian injustice is totally intolerable. But neither form of violence justifies the other. If Israel, with all it’s military strength and it’s HUGE ally in the West can’t act justly, then what hope is there ever for peace?

  4. Palestinians have said that that they will not continue with the talks if the moratorium was lifted. Netanyahu has acceded to their wishes asking in return that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The Palestinians have categorically replied that they are unwilling to do so which means that the peace talks are dead and that they have killed them.

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