Bibi Schools Obama Like a Parent

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I loved this whole exchange;). I could go into why what the Prime Minister said is true but that is every where right now. Just leave it at he was right and Israel isn’t going to just going back to the 1967 borders. Period.

But something made me chuckle when I saw this (ok, many things about this made me chuckle). This little speech was made after Obama’s public speech calling for Israel to go back to 1967 borders. It reminds me of a parenting tactic my mom took and I have threatened with.

I hate how kids try to back you into a corner sometimes. The idea that they will to wait and ask you for something in public. It is that thing you usually say no to but they are hoping that by asking you in front of people you will concede. My way of dealing with it (and my mother’s before me) is if you try and embarrass me or put me on the spot, I will go into detail explaining to you why you can’t have what you want. I will go into the detail that you already know and it might be embarrassing to you.

I hope that Obama was more than a little embarrassed. Partially for trying to ignore history. But also for pretending that Hamas is this innocent organization when the US already knows better.

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