Wrong? Does Iowa mean something?

I do not like admitting that I was wrong. It annoys me greatly. That is why I usually do not make big sweeping statement on my blog because then later I will feel the need to either corrected or apologize. But, alas, I may be wrong about the Iowa caucus.

I have to say the one thing I never contemplated happening happened. Who would have thought that Rick Santorum would have been inches away from winning? This may be a game changer! The reason there are so many Republicans in the race to begin with is due to the fact no one sees an option to Romney. If Santorum has a real chance of becoming the Republican nominee I think we may start seeing people drop like flies out of the primary race.

I am not sure that the Iowa caucus counted for anything but it just may have. We will only find out the next days or weeks to come. This could get interesting….

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