A Refreshing Treat

I have a small Starbucks problem but I want to be a little healthier and a little frugaler. So I decided to start making my own blended drinks. I love the Rocket/single serving blender that I invested in. Considering that 1 blended drink ranges from $4-$5, it hasn’t taken long to make my money back.

I put in crushed ice, coffee (that was cold & leftover in the frig), left over creamer, a shot of chocolate sauce and blended. Then I topped it with low fat chocolate whipped cream. Delish! A cheap and easy way to replace my Starbucks frap!

2 thoughts on “A Refreshing Treat”

  1. Sounds great!! I’m with you I got the idea of trying to make the ‘custom blends’ that I usually pay of rat home too. It certainly does help the wallet, plus you control the flavors to your liking–most times they even taste much better! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks great! I love making my own blended drinks at home, especially peppermint mocha’s. I can’t afford to go to Starbucks and I can have a nice treat in the comfort of my own home and much cheaper! 🙂

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