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Fox, I Don’t Get it!

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Due to a Tivo conflict on Monday night I didn’t get the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen. So when I got some time this afternoon I went to Hulu, like any good nerd;). Well, Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t there so I popped over to the Fox website to see if maybe they were hosting the episode on their site for the first 24 hours.

What I saw shocked me. You can only watch it if you log in using your cable provider. Now I understand that for cable channels but I don’t understand that for free channels!!!! I get Fox over the air, for free. So why is there a link to a cable provider needed.

Add to the fact that I am not watching tonight’s episode for a week now because I want to see the 1st one 1st. That has to effect their ratings, right? I just don’t get it!!!

GCB: Don’t Laugh with the Other Side?

(This is basically the same as my vlog;)
I admit it. Not only have I been watching GCB over on ABC, I have really been liking it. I wasn’t sure I was going to watch it because I know what it stands for and was afraid it was just going to be Christian bashing. I watched pilot on Hulu the day after it came out but during the pilot I had a twitter conversation with the fabulous @GraceDuffy, while she was watching it live. I said that I was afraid to watch it because I thought I would both find it funny and be offended. She said I would;). Well, I found it funny and was just a little offended.

So what am I yammering about?

This last weekend I was at a women’s retreat with my church and a few of us were chattering as we were prepping things for the next morning. I don’t even remember what brought it up but I made comment about feeling old but yet still oddly relevant. I mentioned that on the previous week’s GCB (where they put on the musical) that the final song was DC Talk’s Jesus is All Right With Me and how that came out when I was in high school (and had front row tickets to the concert).

All of a sudden I hear, “Jackie, don’t tell me you watch that show!” I was thrown off there for a second and responded that I didn’t understand why not. Yes, I know what GCB stands for but it is actually about a specific group of girls and not just bashing Christians. I also said that it is so funny because we all know those people and well, it is funny. I mean I heard as a child it being that boobs make your cross hang straight. In real life!!! Now granted I have theological issues with their pastor but I am not attending his church (and I will probably write and complain about them in another post;).

You know the reason I was given as to why I shouldn’t watch it? Well, then non-Christians will think we are all like that and something about it then being ok to ridicule and dismiss us. And really struck a cord with me but maybe not to the same effect this person meant.

Do we think that if we don’t watch this non-Christian show and we don’t laugh with them they won’t know these people really do exist. I think it is actually our inability to laugh with people outside our faith about characters like these that makes people outside the church assume we are actually these characters.  I mean talk about taking ourselves to seriously! I think that it is seeing a real Christian in the face of farcical Christians that illustrate true Christian character.

And make no mistake, Christians laugh at themselves and others in the church. Churches hire comedians that make fun of not only the characters but things we actually do. Why is that ok? Is it ok to laugh as long as the other side doesn’t see you? If that is the case, I think it is a silly rule.  I laugh and I will probably laugh no matter who is laughing with me….As for that making fun of ourselves. Watch the video. Tim Hawkins even makes fun of ways people pray. It is hilarious;).

(And some time I will tell you how Ned Flanders was the best Christian on TV for a decade, until he started sleeping around;)

Boss is Premiering!

I had been hearing for a while the Kelsey Grammer had a new drama! I have always been a big fan, not just for his Fraiser character but because of his acting chops! So I was excited to hear about not only about a drama but a political drama at that!

This looks at the underbelly of Chicago politics. With corrupt family empires, a do anything mentality and a man in charge who does what he thinks is best even if the law wouldn’t agree. To go with the show Starz has created a Scandalous Dirt site that is tracking tweets and stories online.

The 1 thing I am nervous about? It is on Starz so I have no idea just how racy the show will actually be. Keeping that in mind, if you have Starz tune into the premiere Friday, Oct 21st at 10pm est/pst!

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