Fox, I Don’t Get it!

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Due to a Tivo conflict on Monday night I didn’t get the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen. So when I got some time this afternoon I went to Hulu, like any good nerd;). Well, Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t there so I popped over to the Fox website to see if maybe they were hosting the episode on their site for the first 24 hours.

What I saw shocked me. You can only watch it if you log in using your cable provider. Now I understand that for cable channels but I don’t understand that for free channels!!!! I get Fox over the air, for free. So why is there a link to a cable provider needed.

Add to the fact that I am not watching tonight’s episode for a week now because I want to see the 1st one 1st. That has to effect their ratings, right? I just don’t get it!!!

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