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Why I Love Dance

I love watching dance. While I have no talent I have always loved but, with the dancing shows that are on I can’t watch them with my kids. I find it so disappointing that there isn’t more just straight dance that isn’t about skin and sex. As much as I like So You Think You Can Dance it is just a little too sexy for my kids. But I loved the Macy’s Star of Dance segment this week for my whole family! Travis Wall is a great choreographer! This is just a great piece that really seems to exemplifies all I love in dance!

The NerdPie loved all the acrobatic moves and the fact there was a ballerina;). My boys loved the fact that there were more boys than girls dancing! What do you think?

Standing Alone

Neal McDonough has chosen to take a bold step. A step that may distance him a bit from his industry. McDonough (of TinMan, Boomtown, Desperate Housewives and much more) has chosen to walk away from, or possibly got fired from, the new ABC show Scoundrels. Why, you might ask? Because he refuses to do sex scenes. Yup, you read that right. Someone who was on Desperate Housewives, with Edie Brit no less, never got it on.

Apparently this has always been his position. Marc Cherry knew it as he walked into Desperate Housewives and McDonough’s people say that the people on Scoundrels knew it too. Part of the hubbub is because he was replaced 3 days into filming. I can see this going down a couple of different ways. Either his people (or himself) thought they could negotiate a script change because they happen all the time. Or the people behind the show thought they could talk McDonough into changing his view. I do have to say, his character is going to be in prison so how hard would it be to avoid showing him having sex?

But who cares? McDonough hasn’t come out saying that sex, sex on tv or actors who are in these scenes are bad. He just chosen to not participate due to his convictions. But people are taking it personally it seems. He made a decision for himself so if you feel guilty, examine your own conscience.

Over on Deadline many of the commentors seemed offended that he doesn’t have a problem playing someone who is a murderer. There is a difference. Yes, I understand that it is acting (and what acting means) but I also understand some mechanics. I also understand that I don’t want my husband rubbing up against some actress no matter how¬†platonic¬†it might be. Whereas, I don’t really care if he shoots blanks at you and you are spattered with fake blood. If it is on my carpet, that is whole different issue;).

I have always liked Neal McDonough in everything I have seen him in. I also know that taking a stand like this can cost you in Hollywood. So I for one am willing to step forward so he isn’t standing alone. I am not saying all have to make his choice (though, that would make watching tv a little less uncomfortable for some of us) but respect the fact that it is his choice to make.

(HT: Adam Baldwin)

Lost, You Better Not Make Me Mad

After years of hearing how great it is, NerdDad and I just recently started watching Lost. What can I say, we are early adopters;). We started in the beginning on Hulu (gotta love Hulu). So far we are a few episodes into the 2nd season. We are very aware of the fact that the current season being shown is the last season. Frankly, I love it when a show knows it is the final season because then it gets a chance to answer the many questions that have been left sticking up through the series.

So the fact the series is ending is one of the reasons I was willing to wade into the Lost maze. Then I see a post from I09 that NerdDad shared with me….. I am afraid that when this series ends I will not be happy. Damon Lindelof off sites Star Wars and midichlorians as the example that some things just don’t need to be known. Now I agree with I09 that the problem with the midichlorians is whole other issue. But the Force was explained before them.
But my real problem is that I am now really nervous. I don’t want to watch all these hours of Lost to only have more questions. I already have a list of questions and I am only in the 2nd season! I will be mighty testy if I don’t get my answers!
So all you Losties out there. If all your questions that you have (being in the final season) aren’t answered will you feel like you wasted all this time?

I Can’t Believe We Did But We Did It and It’s Done!

Yes, I am channeling a little My fair Lady;). But to the point!

We love tv over here. When NerdDad and I got married money was tight but we always found a way to pay for cable. It was a priority right behind tithing, rent and power;). It was right after the then slow internet. Then we grew up to the Dish. And 2, yes 2 tivo’s. But it has hit us lately that most of what we really want to watch, and not all the mindless drivel that we often watch, was actually free on the internet. So we cancelled the satellite dish.

Yes, we don’t even get local channels right now. I am still in shock. We cancelled Monday morning after we saw the second half of the Doctor Who special (can’t watch BBC online in America). I am still adjusting because Food Network doesn’t really have anything online and that is disappointing. We are planning on getting an antenna and digital converter box for the tivo so we can record things like Jeopardy so that will change. But over all we are doing pretty good and still watching a ton of tv;).

The Education of Jon Stewart and America (We Hope)

This is a great piece. Partly because it is just a hilariously true story about the shenanigans that Acorn pulls and partly because it is fun watching Jon Stewart’s eyes being opened. Jon Stewart does say a couple of bad words but they are completely bleeped. I laughed so hard about the whole situation that I teared up a bit.

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Apparently Acorn claims the tapes have been altered but they have fired every employee in them.

Warehouse 13

NerdDad and I watched the new SyFy (I don’t like that moniker one bit) show Warehouse 13. It was pretty good. I like things that reference odd historical legends so right there it had a good start. It was also pretty family friendly spare a couple words I didn’t care for. Hulu has this behind the scenes clip that is really good. It has some background information I wished had been on the show. Maybe the creators have it in a future episode. Check it out!