Standing Alone

Neal McDonough has chosen to take a bold step. A step that may distance him a bit from his industry. McDonough (of TinMan, Boomtown, Desperate Housewives and much more) has chosen to walk away from, or possibly got fired from, the new ABC show Scoundrels. Why, you might ask? Because he refuses to do sex scenes. Yup, you read that right. Someone who was on Desperate Housewives, with Edie Brit no less, never got it on.

Apparently this has always been his position. Marc Cherry knew it as he walked into Desperate Housewives and McDonough’s people say that the people on Scoundrels knew it too. Part of the hubbub is because he was replaced 3 days into filming. I can see this going down a couple of different ways. Either his people (or himself) thought they could negotiate a script change because they happen all the time. Or the people behind the show thought they could talk McDonough into changing his view. I do have to say, his character is going to be in prison so how hard would it be to avoid showing him having sex?

But who cares? McDonough hasn’t come out saying that sex, sex on tv or actors who are in these scenes are bad. He just chosen to not participate due to his convictions. But people are taking it personally it seems. He made a decision for himself so if you feel guilty, examine your own conscience.

Over on Deadline many of the commentors seemed offended that he doesn’t have a problem playing someone who is a murderer. There is a difference. Yes, I understand that it is acting (and what acting means) but I also understand some mechanics. I also understand that I don’t want my husband rubbing up against some actress no matter how¬†platonic¬†it might be. Whereas, I don’t really care if he shoots blanks at you and you are spattered with fake blood. If it is on my carpet, that is whole different issue;).

I have always liked Neal McDonough in everything I have seen him in. I also know that taking a stand like this can cost you in Hollywood. So I for one am willing to step forward so he isn’t standing alone. I am not saying all have to make his choice (though, that would make watching tv a little less uncomfortable for some of us) but respect the fact that it is his choice to make.

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