Real Per-Student Spending

One of the things that always really sticks in my craw is how much money that the public schools spend on each student with so little to show. If only I  had $10 grand to spend on each one of my kids!  But I remember talking to someone years ago on how I didn’t think the per student cost was all inclusive. You know counting things like building costs, janitor bonuses,  etc. All the money truly going out of each state for anything relating to the schools and then averaged by the number of students. Because I always thought the published per-student cost didn’t include everything. It is nice to see confirmation that I am right! The Cato Institute has a great video that really walks you through it.

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  1. I used to work at a day care… we used to run a full-time, accredited Kindergarten. We fed the kids breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Cost? Less than $10,000 for a 52-week year.

    My church’s private school charges $50 a month, and they’re planning on going tuition-free.

    I’m currently spending around $500-$800 a year for two pupils (one of them is two, but we can reuse many of the materials). Course I don’t have to pay for a teacher or the building, but it’s a lot less expensive!

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