Complicated Women

This is one of NerdPie’s favorite new book series and her very girlie bow. This is how my girls and I roll. Fire and ice, concrete and lace;).

But it does seem to illustrate why I feel like such a contradiction sometimes, like today. I was watching Fame while geeking out on a nano semiconductor. This seems to explain why I have never really fit it. I tried for so long to hide my dweeby nerdy side for so long because it was becoming. Once I started accepting my┬áseparate┬ásides is when I found my husband and a little peace. But I still struggle when I am around large groups of women sometimes because I just don’t seem normal.

Then I feel nervous for my girls. I don’t want them to feel as conflicted as I often have. I want them to take joy in all God has created them to be. I want them to feel secure in both their girlie and nerdy sides! I guess the best way that they will do that is by seeing me accept myself. It is a lot of pressure knowing you have to deal with your junk so your kids won’t have to;).

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  1. i think alot of mommas deal with that. i loooove getting all dolled up–wearing makeup and high heels and all that. but i’m just as happy snuggling in sweats with a good book, or working on puzzles or logic problems (yup, fellow nerd here). and that’s okay. its okay for me, my girls, my boy, and my hubby.

  2. I can so relate to this! I hate the false dichotomy that society sets up for women between being feminine and being brainy.

    I’m planning on getting my DD some shirts from Mind Candy for her birthday. My favorites are the one reading “That’s DR. Princess to you!” and the one reading “Sweet as C12 H22 O11”

  3. My daughter used to cry many times “Why can’t we just be normal?”
    and I would reply, “What’s normal? Everyone is different.”
    and she would rejoinder, “But they’re not like us! I want to be like other people.”

    Now, at age 23 she told me at the weekend she was glad we were never ‘normal’.

    The main problem in her eyes was that we avoided the foods we each were sensitive to. Now, of course she can see that she is much more informed about nutrition and the effect food and water has on the body and emotions, and is empowered to make her own informed decisions about what she consumes. Whereas all the ‘normal’ people she was referring to are dependent on medication to get through the day because their food and lack of water intake causes the symptoms they experience, but they are unaware of this.

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