I Can’t Believe We Did But We Did It and It’s Done!

Yes, I am channeling a little My fair Lady;). But to the point!

We love tv over here. When NerdDad and I got married money was tight but we always found a way to pay for cable. It was a priority right behind tithing, rent and power;). It was right after the then slow internet. Then we grew up to the Dish. And 2, yes 2 tivo’s. But it has hit us lately that most of what we really want to watch, and not all the mindless drivel that we often watch, was actually free on the internet. So we cancelled the satellite dish.

Yes, we don’t even get local channels right now. I am still in shock. We cancelled Monday morning after we saw the second half of the Doctor Who special (can’t watch BBC online in America). I am still adjusting because Food Network doesn’t really have anything online and that is disappointing. We are planning on getting an antenna and digital converter box for the tivo so we can record things like Jeopardy so that will change. But over all we are doing pretty good and still watching a ton of tv;).

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  1. We didn't have cable/satellite for the 2 years my DH was in grad school. After he graduated, we got it again but then canceled after a year as we weren't watching it enough to justify the expense. I rarely miss it.

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