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Nightmare before Blocktober!

So, as you may or may not know, I LOVE MARVEL! And why not? It and all things made by marvel are awesome. So I was playing my favorite game, Roblox (woot!), when I looked and saw there were two events going on (woot again!). So, as any curious person would do, I clicked on both pages to see what they were about. I found that both events were sponsored by MARVEL (woot once more!) and had to do them! The first event was sponsored by Spider-Man: Homecoming! and the other by Thor: Ragnarok! I went and played the Spider-Man event before even looking at the Thor event because Spider-Man is cooler (duh). So when I looked at the thor event and saw it was called Nightmare before Blocktober, I knew it had to be good. It sounded even better when two of the games were games I love, WFYB and Assassin. The other game, BTD: Redux, I recommend for those whose hearts are strong and love of hulk and/or zombies is stronger, who like getting scared, and love a challenge. I attempted (and failed) this one. But if anyone reading this loves Marvel or just a fun game, try both these events. But remember, the Spider-Man event goes until October 10, and the Thor until the 14th. Plus, there is the first 10 minutes of  Spider-Man: Homecoming under the event. With four games overall, this is the time to win some sweet Roblox gear, and have some Marvel fun!

The Ups and Downs of Zelda

Let me preface this with the fact I have never denied. Kids are a little nutty. But even knowing that I am often surprised by them and how they handle things. Take this morning for example….

We have a loft set up with Legos, K’Nex and a Super Nintendo for the kids to play in. So my 6 year old has been playing a ton of Zelda on the SNES so this morning I told him that he couldn’t play Zelda with out my permission. I wanted him to build some cool stuff with Legos and take a video game break. Then the other kids were stoked because he had been sucking up all the video game time. He wasn’t thrilled but no melt downs or anything.

So cut to play time in the loft. Since the kids are out of my sight I am sensitive to sounds. So when I hear the 4 year starting to cry I call all 3 kids who are in the loft downstairs to me to find out what is going on. The Nerdpud wants to play the  6 year old’s profile on Zelda and he said no. I totally backed him up on this.  There are only 3 profile slots on Zelda so this is always a little of an issue. NerdPie, my 8 year old, had said her sister could play on her profile and I thought that was great. But the 4 year old was still teary. You could tell she was flipping through arguments to use (because she kept starting sentences and trailing off) and then she had a moment of truth. She exclaimed, “But he has all the cool stuff!!!” I held firm and she shuffled off and found a way to play for 30 minutes in spite of her disappointment;).

Last Zelda story of the morning. While the baby was playing Zelda the 8 and 6 year olds were building away with the Lego’s. We now have a variety of Zelda fairies through out the loft along with the wizard and a sliding door for the sanctuary.

Kids, they are kind of crazy but a lot of fun;).


Nerdy Wednesday Dance Break

Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla posted this video on her Google Plus a couple of weeks ago and it has quickly become a favorite with my kids! If you see my Nerdpud out just tell her “We’re Trekkies and we know it” and be prepared for the show;). It is both embarassing and hilarious for me;).

Loose the geek dance for a minute, you will be more relaxed for it;).

Geeky Links 2/11

It is time for a little geek in our lives. There is even some Valentine’s geek for y’all!

Is anyone interested in keyboard pants? They are kind of crazy but oh so convenient;).

Geek Sugar has 10 Geek couples from the large and small screen. Did your favorite make the cut?

Geek Sugar  also has some geeky Valentine’s Day desserts.

Scientific American has a very interesting piece on Neuronal Transplants to treat obesity.

Geeky Links 12/17

I hope that everyone is enjoying the chaos and fun of the Christmas and Hanukkah season!!! But in the midst of the crazy we can’t forget to get our geek on;).

Could it possibly be true? Could Netflix really be contemplating the revival of the Firefly series? That would be an awesome Christmas gift for me!!! Though I will point out that it wouldn’t include a few of my favorite characters since Joss Whedon killed them off (yes, I am still morning Wash;).

ComicBookResources has a list of the top 100 characters in the DC and Marvel Universes. I can’t say that I agree with all the order but it is interesting.

Over on The Mary Sue they are talking Doctor Who! Apparently the Ponds will be moving on and there will be a new friend!

Geeky Links 10/29

So I am starting off with not only a geeky video but also a super nerdy one! If you can’t enjoy this a little… well, I should stop there before I say something mean;).

The Guardian has a piece about the Kindle being heavier when it is fully loaded. It all makes sense but I just wouldn’t have thought about it being heavier.

Over on Hero Complex Chris Hemsworth talks about the director who will be working on Thor 2. I personally am a huge Branagh fan but I am sure that Jenkins will do a smash up job!

Ok, and this is a very geek request. Can you go vote for my Verizon 4G LTE video? I would greatly appreciate it;). I am trying to win a prize pack that is extremely geeky;).

Geeky Links 9/24

I am so stoked! There were all kinds of Fables comic book news that was announced at Comic-Con! Comic Alliance has the lowdown.

A Nobel winning physicist is standing against global warming. To the point that he quit APS due to their stand on it!

Gamma Squad has some awesome lunch bag art that a dad created!! Can someone make me a lunch in 1 of those bags;)?

Blastr has a piece on 5 Doctor Who characters who should have their own series. I think they are dead in! But I think the 2 that would be the best bet is Dr. River Song (especially after what recently learned about her) and Martha Jones!

Over on Geek Dad there is a sweet piece on a Dad who helped his kids go Ewok hunting

Geeky Links 8/27

The Science Creative Quarterly is a brand new find for me. They have a great interaction between a 3 year old and her Chemistry professor father. The why question and answer session may have gone a little deep but I would be lying to say similar things haven’t happened over here;).

Total Fan Girl has an interesting piece on Robonaut R2 called Robonaut: NASA vs Lucasfilm vs Stark Industries.

Hero Complez has an interesting piece on the Raiders of the Last Ark Exhibition!

Ben Purdy has a great Minecraft in Real Life video! It is gorgeous!!!