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Geeky Cereal

Geeky Cereal

Remember the days of toys and prizes in your cereal? Come on, I am not that old. You have to remember? Ok, remember your parents talking about it then;)? Well, for a limited time General Mills is bringing it back in a fabulous and geeky way!

For a limited time (until April, 2014;) General Mills is putting 4 limited edition Justice League comics in boxes of their cereal! And on the back of the boxes are cardboard costume pieces that the kids can cut out. There is even a 5th Justice League comic book that is only available at Target stores.

My kids love cereal to begin with. It is a special treat we do once or twice a week. And of course I have comic book lovers for children too! (ok, I and my husband are comic book lovers too) And don’t worry, the comic books aren’t swimming among the cereal. There is no racing to the end of the box. The comic books are in a plastic bag next to the bag of cereal. These are real comic books too, not some super short promotional drivel that doesn’t have a plot. My kids (and I) totally love them!

So if you are a cereal eating, comic book family make sure that you run out and get a few boxes while there are still limited edition comic books to be had!

I rarely, ok never, include the actual press releases I get from companies but this was so cute that I have too.

(Disclosure: I received samples to review. All thoughts are mine.)

Geeky Links 12/17

I hope that everyone is enjoying the chaos and fun of the Christmas and Hanukkah season!!! But in the midst of the crazy we can’t forget to get our geek on;).

Could it possibly be true? Could Netflix really be contemplating the revival of the Firefly series? That would be an awesome Christmas gift for me!!! Though I will point out that it wouldn’t include a few of my favorite characters since Joss Whedon killed them off (yes, I am still morning Wash;).

ComicBookResources has a list of the top 100 characters in the DC and Marvel Universes. I can’t say that I agree with all the order but it is interesting.

Over on The Mary Sue they are talking Doctor Who! Apparently the Ponds will be moving on and there will be a new friend!

Geeky Links 9/24

I am so stoked! There were all kinds of Fables comic book news that was announced at Comic-Con! Comic Alliance has the lowdown.

A Nobel winning physicist is standing against global warming. To the point that he quit APS due to their stand on it!

Gamma Squad has some awesome lunch bag art that a dad created!! Can someone make me a lunch in 1 of those bags;)?

Blastr has a piece on 5 Doctor Who characters who should have their own series. I think they are dead in! But I think the 2 that would be the best bet is Dr. River Song (especially after what recently learned about her) and Martha Jones!

Over on Geek Dad there is a sweet piece on a Dad who helped his kids go Ewok hunting

Wonder Woman Rant

Palicki in the new Wonder Woman costumeYou were warned that this is going to get geeky.

So Entertainment Weekly posted pictures of Adrianne Palicki in the new Wonder Woman costume from the reboot  that is being done by David E. Kelley. The new show is supposed to be a serious, non-campy show. In that outfit? Really?

I feel I must take this moment to clarify. I am not a purist when it comes to the costuming of our super heroes. I have seen the hubbub over Green Lantern not being true enough, etc. I am not one of those people. But…

This outfit is so wrong! That weird shiny plastic paired with that ruby, plastic lip makes Wonder Woman look like a blow up doll! Seriously, it looks like cheap lingerie that is out around Halloween. And no, I am not saying that because I think that the costume should be more conservative. I think it should just be more true to the Wonder Woman story. Which means I am fine with the little swim suit looking costume from the ’70s show but done a little better.

Is the costume looking this bad just as a rebellion from the patriotic costume? If so, get over it David E. Kelley! She has a patriotic costume! Go with a darker blue! And what is up with those boots? Having them look like that same plastic material on the pants makes them look like a dress up costume. You know what I am talking about? The kids get those costumes where the legs have the boots printed on them and it fits over their own shoes. And the shine on the bustier is just sad. With everything being uniformly shiny, it makes the cuffs look cheap and soft too! Am I alone here?

I love Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman is the first person/thing/job I wanted to be. I had the little Wonder Woman spin down at just a few years old. I don’t just like the Wonder Woman from the show either. I have always loved her in the Justice League comics, in their various incarnations. She is that strong, moral female role model. Yes, she may be hot and in swimsuit (or a bomber jacket;) but pay her a little respect.

Maybe I am just bitter because Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie never panned out.

(HT: Fashionably Geek) (Comment Reminder: You cuss, I delete;)

Quick Comic Book Rant

Ok, this is the first time I think I have admitted in the blogosphere that I read comic books. Well, I read some (nothing religiously) and I am a little annoyed right now.

Apparently they are going to kill off 1 off the Fantastic Four. Now why would you do something like that? Are you going to change their name to the Fantastic 3? Are you going to permanently sub in people or have them on a rotating basis (yes, I know they have temporarily subbed in people before)? This is ridiculous.

According to Comic Book Resources the betting odds have been released and things aren’t looking good for Sue Richards (Invisible Woman). So what you mess with the one solid marriage in the Marvel world. I mean if we are picking people, I am not Johnny Storm’s biggest fan. I think the guy is a bit of a putz. But still. Leave the Fantastic Four alone!

Onto another comic book rant. I just started reading Surrogates (the one the movie was based on) and had to put it down. Not only was the story line boring, but the art stunk!!!! Here you are in a society that has developed surrogate bodies but the art is so sketchy that you can barely recognize your characters. It looks like someone drew in a story board and then forgot to get the art done before sending it off to be printed.

Whew, that feels better. I had to get that off my chest! Night all!