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Cross The Line!!! Maybe?

Ok, first off let me say that I love Superchick! And I don’t care if I seem a little old for it;). What I say, I didn’t start rebelling and standing on my own until I got married;). But anyway;).

I got this on cd from the library and I am rocking in the car. This some is all about stepping out and being fearless. Then I think about how my parents (mind you, I am 36;) wouldn’t like when it talks like living like you are on bail or running from the cops. Maybe I am still not all that tough;).

Wonder Woman Rant

Palicki in the new Wonder Woman costumeYou were warned that this is going to get geeky.

So Entertainment Weekly posted pictures of Adrianne Palicki in the new Wonder Woman costume from the reboot  that is being done by David E. Kelley. The new show is supposed to be a serious, non-campy show. In that outfit? Really?

I feel I must take this moment to clarify. I am not a purist when it comes to the costuming of our super heroes. I have seen the hubbub over Green Lantern not being true enough, etc. I am not one of those people. But…

This outfit is so wrong! That weird shiny plastic paired with that ruby, plastic lip makes Wonder Woman look like a blow up doll! Seriously, it looks like cheap lingerie that is out around Halloween. And no, I am not saying that because I think that the costume should be more conservative. I think it should just be more true to the Wonder Woman story. Which means I am fine with the little swim suit looking costume from the ’70s show but done a little better.

Is the costume looking this bad just as a rebellion from the patriotic costume? If so, get over it David E. Kelley! She has a patriotic costume! Go with a darker blue! And what is up with those boots? Having them look like that same plastic material on the pants makes them look like a dress up costume. You know what I am talking about? The kids get those costumes where the legs have the boots printed on them and it fits over their own shoes. And the shine on the bustier is just sad. With everything being uniformly shiny, it makes the cuffs look cheap and soft too! Am I alone here?

I love Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman is the first person/thing/job I wanted to be. I had the little Wonder Woman spin down at just a few years old. I don’t just like the Wonder Woman from the show either. I have always loved her in the Justice League comics, in their various incarnations. She is that strong, moral female role model. Yes, she may be hot and in swimsuit (or a bomber jacket;) but pay her a little respect.

Maybe I am just bitter because Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie never panned out.

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Advertising Genius!

Brilliant, just brilliant! I am not brand loyal when it comes to shoes and sports stuff but I think I might become. Nike came out with an awesome real woman campaign that I just love. A real and healthy woman isn’t necessarily stick thin. She will have muscle and curves, if she does it right!

I believe in the power of the dollar. We complain that advertisers make women have a poor self image b showing us women that are either all fake or all bones. I want to affirm Nike and motivate other to take the same steps! So if you decide what brands to buy on more than money, think about rewarding Nike for standing up for a healthy woman not a stick girl!

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*****Update: Apparently this is a fake. Still a brilliant idea! Thanks Sherri for bringing this to my attention!

More Super Heroes in the Movies

Entertainment Weekly's Green Lantern Cover

So we are finally seeing the long awaited Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds will don! I have to say that I didn’t think Berg would be the huge star from 2 Guys and a Girl, well second in my heart to Nathan Fillion;). But he is a great actor! I was excited to see the new outfit being put out for ComicCon because that means we are even closer to seeing it on the big screen! I have heard some mumbling of disapproval out there over the outfit but I think it is fine. But I am not as vested in the Green Lantern provenance as others.

While I was hanging out at Entertainment Weekly to see the new Green Lantern look I saw another interesting piece of super hero movie news. Kevin Bacon is joining the cast for X-Men: First Class. Hewill be a villain.