More Super Heroes in the Movies

Entertainment Weekly's Green Lantern Cover

So we are finally seeing the long awaited Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds will don! I have to say that I didn’t think Berg would be the huge star from 2 Guys and a Girl, well second in my heart to Nathan Fillion;). But he is a great actor! I was excited to see the new outfit being put out for ComicCon because that means we are even closer to seeing it on the big screen! I have heard some mumbling of¬†disapproval out there over the outfit but I think it is fine. But I am not as vested in the Green Lantern provenance as others.

While I was hanging out at Entertainment Weekly to see the new Green Lantern look I saw another interesting piece of super hero movie news. Kevin Bacon is joining the cast for X-Men: First Class. Hewill be a villain.

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