Grilled Corn 2 Ways

Corn is king! Well, at least during the summer. You can pretend it is a veggie or serve it as the grain it is. It is fresh, it is cheap and it is yummy! So why should you heat up your kitchen by boiling water when the grill is already on?

You have a couple of options when it comes to grilling your corn.

The first way is to grill it in the husk. This gives you more of a boiled taste that isn’t at all smoky. The process is quite simple. Pull back your husks and remove all the silks or they will burn and turn to ash. Then I brush some of my chili butter on it and pull the husks back up. Then I place it on the cool part (on low) for 15 to 20 minutes. Turning occasionally. Then just pull it off and brush more butter on them.

The second way gives you more of that charred grilled taste. I think it gives more flavor but NerdDad prefers the first way;). First you pull everything off the cobs, that means all the silks and the husks. Then throw it down on a medium high grill. Make sure you keep turning the cobs and monitor the color. You want some grill marks but if it has good color and isn’t fully cooked, just pull it to a cool spot on the grill and let it finish. This usually takes me10-15 minutes but closer to 10. Then when you pull it off brush with butter;).

How do you know if your corn is done? Well, with yellow corn it is easy because the kernels deepen greatly in color. But while will also change color a little. But one of the other indicators is that the kernel will plump and become softer. If you have had corn before just go for what you know;).

Leftovers are great in many recipes and also do great in the freezer. I would go ahead and cut the kernels off the cob for storage. Enjoy!

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  1. I like grilling it in the husks because all the string fall off when you take the husks off and I am just lazy and throwing it on the grill is easy.

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