My Extreme Couponing Rant and More!

So this started off as just my answer to Eighty MPH Mom’s Monday Mingle. But it is really really about the Extreme Couponing show on TLC:). Before I got it posted here I already have a negative comment on YouTube;). So that raises the question, do you think that I am off base?

7 thoughts on “My Extreme Couponing Rant and More!”

  1. Yay for no cable. We have it but I swear we don’t need to because I only watch pbs and normal channels anyway. I do live in an area that doubles coupons but that store is very expensive. I agree with the hoarding! I only hope that they are donating a lot of it. I love me a good deal too mama 🙂 We filed early this year. I was so excited that hubs got his stuff together so quickly! Have a great week!

  2. My problem is

    1) they do not have coupons for the stuff I buy i.e. flour, sugar, oil, honey, fresh fruits (like you say), meat (real not processed hotdogs) etc. Even with coupons the store brands are cheaper. I do not buy all the processed stuff they do. I make a lot from scratch like pizza, bread, stews etc. I dont buy canned vegies, I grow and can my own.

    2) I do not have 10 of coupon. Seriously, do they spend that much on the Sunday paper? From what I gather, they must spend at least $100.

    3) Where will I put this stuff?

    As for the taxes, we have ours in in Feb. We already have most of it spent….paying off debt and buying a new (well, new to us. It is a rebuilt one from the 70’s) tractor for the garden to grow our vegies….$500 vs a new one for over $3,000.

  3. I wonder if it’s on Hulu… ? Hmm. Yes, I haven’t even seen it – but the extreme stuff, the excess, the waste – so ridiculous. If I were to do that, I’d donate it. Think of how much good that would do for shelters?! Oh my gosh. I’m with ya on your rant.
    Tax free days are no joke! Man, I’d love that… lol
    Have a great week!

  4. I agree! It’s like hoarding! I think couponing is a good thing in moderation, just like anything else.

    We have tax free days in my state as well, and I do love them! They are so handy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. You should totally be a talk show host! You are really interesting to listen to! I listened to the WHOLE 8 minute video…
    I don’t think you are way off base, but sometimes it really is too much of a good thing.
    Thanks for mingling, I really enjoyed your mingle.

  6. You’re right about coupons, they are very cyclical. LOL, it would be good if they donated it right?

    WOW, that was a rant!! LOL, I do love that there are more coupons lately for fresh chicken and the grocery stores are doing produce coupons. Every little bit helps.

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