Advertising Genius!

Brilliant, just brilliant! I am not brand loyal when it comes to shoes and sports stuff but I think I might become. Nike came out with an awesome real woman campaign that I just love. A real and healthy woman isn’t necessarily stick thin. She will have muscle and curves, if she does it right!

I believe in the power of the dollar. We complain that advertisers make women have a poor self image b showing us women that are either all fake or all bones. I want to affirm Nike and motivate other to take the same steps! So if you decide what brands to buy on more than money, think about rewarding Nike for standing up for a healthy woman not a stick girl!

(HT: TonyGentilcore)

*****Update: Apparently this is a fake. Still a brilliant idea! Thanks Sherri for bringing this to my attention!

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  1. The ONLY problem with that butt is that it is squeezed into shorts that are too tight and too small. That woman has a nice figure. Enuff said.

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