Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween

Yes, I know it is August! But when you have 4 kids and you theme the costumes, that can take a little work. And work takes time;). Last year we did a half homemade, half bought Wizard of Oz theme. So I knew I would have to start thinking about it soon!

I got the opportunity to pick out a costume at Costume Discounters for this year and I was overwhelmed by all the choices. They have just about any theme for adults or kids. I didn’t realize that I would have that many choices so I realized that I had to consult the Nerdlings.

As a group we decided that we are going to do Star Wars but not just Star Wars, Star Wars Clone Wars. Well, they have 124 costumes/accessories for Star Wars. NerdPie has always wanted to be Asoka so I found this adorable costume.

I was excited to receive my package from Costume Discounters but not nearly as excited as my daughter! We are so glad that delivery was so quick because I don’t think NerdPie could have waited very much longer.  It is an adorable outfit with a belt and even a super cute headpiece (sorry you can’t see it in the pic but…). The light saber is ours but what kid who wants to dress up as a Star Wars character doesn’t have a light saber? The only other thing we have to provide are shoes but you can’t see them when you are wearing the costume!

We loved our experience with Costume Discounters was delightful and we recommend them!

(This post was written for Family Review Network & Costume Discounter who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review)

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