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T Shirt Infinity Scarf

I have been seeing t shirt scarves all over Pinterest and every where else! There are so many different varieties so I decided to give it a whirl myself.

All I needed was a cheap, stretchy t shirt and a pair of scissors. I got a cheap, stretchy turtle neck on clearance at Walmart (get the biggest one you can, more material).

First thing, cut off the bottom seam. Then you cut of a measure off between the arm pit and the bottom just however wide you want your scarf. I like a thicker scarf and so I am getting at least 2 out of this 3x shirt. Then stretch! I handed one side to my 9 year old and we pulled and pulled;). The edges will curve in and basically cover the rough edge, the more you wear it the less you will see it.

That is it…. A scarf… It is a great way to get a custom scarf to match something in your wardrobe or just to use up those extras shirts hanging around! It is a nice, cheap, no-sew gift!!!!

It is so easy that I feel a little silly writing about it;).

Deal on Amazon Purchases

Ok, for all the years I have used shopping portals there has been one store that has never been listed… Amazon.

Well, it seems times are changing!!! Amazon is now on Ebates!!! At least in a few departments. Right now you can get 3% back in Clothing, Groceries and Shoes! I don’t how long this will be going on so don’t put off your shopping. And make sure you go through Ebates.

I have some gluten free shopping to do so I will see you all later!!!
(And yes, I have embedded an affiliate link. Please sign up and shop through Ebates to help support this blog!)

How is your Mother’s Day shopping?

So how is your Mother’s Day shopping going? If you aren’t quite done yet there are some awesome coupons out there right now through Retail Me Not!


Here are some of the best coupons that are for stores and services that will win any mother’s heart!

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Cool Spring Trends?

This week’s question over at BlogHer’s Life Well Lived series is all about 10 hot spring trends.

Ok, I don’t actually dress trendy but I do tend to know about them;). Part of the reason I don’t dress in the trends is because I am a big giant chicken. I am always self conscious;). But I am trying to be more open about trying new things in fashion!

So looking at the upcoming trends I think some with be a hit and some will be a miss for me. One of the hits for me are the statement sunglasses. I just got a couple of pairs last week so we will see how they are received;). I love the pastels and the whole lady like look. I think they are super cute. I love that whole pulled together lady like look.

I am totally on the fence about neon! I don’t think I can handle that much color. I do have bright jewel colored shirts and sweaters in blues, pinks and purples. That may be all I can handle;). I am also on the fence about the whole tangerine thing. I am really pinky and I am little afraid of that orange. I like peach and melon though!

Then there are some misses for me. I love the peplum idea. I mean I flip for a great pencil skirt and the whole retro look but being so plus size. I understand that it should hide a little bulge but I think I have passed the point of it being helpful;). I can also say the drop waist thing appears to be a fail. I got a cute purple dress that was a drop waist and it is now waiting to be returned. Party fail!

So how about you? What spring trends are you embracing or running from? Leave a comment here and then pop over to BlogHer and let them know too! And Make sure you enter the sweepstakes too!

Oy! My Aching Feet!

So you should all be proud of me! I finally broke down and got a nice (read expensive) pair of flats for Blissdom. I found these great Born flats at Norstrom Rack for $50. Everyone warned me that there was a ton of walking so I came prepared. But I didn’t break in my shoes before I came and I think that was a mistake!!!

Within just a couple of hours I had a bunch of blisters. I now have 4 bandaids on and decided to wear my funky socks with my flats even though everyone could see them. The big problem? I only brought 1 pair of socks;). So I am off to wash them out and hope they dry by the morning;).

Learn from my mistakes and bring more than 4 bandaids, more than one pair of socks (just in case) and break in your shoes before you go to a conference!!! Other than that, I am having a fun time at Blissdom! I hope to learn a bunch tomorrow;).

10 Great Online Coupons!!!

There are some awesome coupons out there for online shopping. I wish I had had a few of these before I did all my Blissdom shopping!

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Is it Blissdom Worthy?

Ok, I have a couple of outfits that I like but I don’t know if they are good for my blogging conference next week (Blissdom). And while I love my husband, he is no help in these areas;). So I am coming to you, the blogosphere to help! What do you think of these?

This is an outfit that I wore on TV back on February 3rd. It is a simple black, knit dress with a faux belt. I love these slouchy black boots because they are flat!!! And of course I am wearing my standard denim jacket (best find ever). I am not sure about the denim on the black but the sleeves are just cap sleeves so I need something over it! Oh, I picked up that dress for just $14 from Ross!

And this is what I wore yesterday. The belt is my new acquisition. I picked it up over at Lane Bryant and I think it helps camouflage the belly. But I am just not sure about the over all look. And I will not be taking those 3 inch wedges to Blissdom;). But I am super comfy in that roomie purple shirt and the skinny jeans are slimming, right? (Am I just fooling myself?)

Let me know what you think and someday I may be able to dress myself;). Maybe.

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