Cool Spring Trends?

This week’s question over at BlogHer’s Life Well Lived series is all about 10 hot spring trends.

Ok, I don’t actually dress trendy but I do tend to know about them;). Part of the reason I don’t dress in the trends is because I am a big giant chicken. I am always self conscious;). But I am trying to be more open about trying new things in fashion!

So looking at the upcoming trends I think some with be a hit and some will be a miss for me. One of the hits for me are the statement sunglasses. I just got a couple of pairs last week so we will see how they are received;). I love the pastels and the whole lady like look. I think they are super cute. I love that whole pulled together lady like look.

I am totally on the fence about neon! I don’t think I can handle that much color. I do have bright jewel colored shirts and sweaters in blues, pinks and purples. That may be all I can handle;). I am also on the fence about the whole tangerine thing. I am really pinky and I am little afraid of that orange. I like peach and melon though!

Then there are some misses for me. I love the peplum idea. I mean I flip for a great pencil skirt and the whole retro look but being so plus size. I understand that it should hide a little bulge but I think I have passed the point of it being helpful;). I can also say the drop waist thing appears to be a fail. I got a cute purple dress that was a drop waist and it is now waiting to be returned. Party fail!

So how about you? What spring trends are you embracing or running from? Leave a comment here and then pop over to BlogHer and let them know too! And Make sure you enter the sweepstakes too!

One thought on “Cool Spring Trends?”

  1. Oh I feel the same way about being self conscious. But I see girls out there strutting their stuff that I know are in worse shape than me and I guess if they can, I should be able to as well. SHOULD! LOL

    Good luck at breaking out of the norm. I always fall back into my norm and need to kick that habit.

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