Healthy Breakfast on the Go!

Ok, this may be a little ghetto but a girl does what a girl has to do;). I need a real breakfast and it is hard to fit it in! I am blessed with a great husband who makes up oatmeal for all of us but I tend to run so close in the morning that I don’t have time to actually sit and eat. So often on Sundays and Tuesdays so what I have found works is just getting a plastic cup and putting oatmeal in it. And yes, I use disposable cups because when you get home do you really want to have to clean oatmeal that has been sitting for hours. Me neither;).

Then I eat it in the car. Hey, don’t judge me;).

2 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast on the Go!”

  1. How funny. I just this morning took my bowl of oatmeal with me into the car because I was running late. I kinda worry about the safety of taking something that requires utensils while driving though… but it was either that or nothing.

  2. I tend to eat it real quick b4 I get out. Not so much during the driving, at least not on the freeway;).

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